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The Structure And Order Of The Passover Seder

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The word “Seder” means order. Clearly, order is very important in the Passover Seder. It turns out the Passover Seder is ordered in such a way that each of the 15 steps represents one of the 15 steps of ascension to the Beit Hamikdash.
The first step is Kaddesh which represents the Sanctification of time. Every Jew has the responsibility to sanctify his time and use every moment to the fullest extent. It is said that Abraham actually sanctified every single moment of his life. One must especially sanctify his time when performing a Mitzvah, as is done during the Passover Seder.
The second step is Urchatz. During Urchatz, we physically wash away all of the impurity that we have.
The third step is Karpas, during which we eat an appetizer to symbolizes appetizing every Jews’ need to learn about Judaism and Torah.
The fourth step is Yachatz. This breakage symbolizes the sacrifices that every Jew ...view middle of the document...

The eleventh and twelfth steps are Shulchan Orech and Tzafun: After we discussed the bitterness of the Marror, we can enjoy the pleasures of the world(food).
The thirteenth and fourteenth steps are Barech and Hallel: After we have experienced all of this amazing Seder, we must bless God for it all.
The fifteenth and last step is Nirtzah where we hope God accepted our prayer throughout this Seder.
Now that we understand the individual reasons behind all of the 15 steps, we must analyze how they fit in as a whole with the actual Mitzvot of Passover. Why is Maggid number 5? Why do we have the first four steps before Maggid?
In addition to the individual reasons aforementioned, the first four steps have another, collective purpose. If they were not there, the children would not be so interested in the story of Maggid. However, with them before Magid, they inspire curiosity in the children, because of how strange the actions we take actually are. For example, why do we wash our hands without a blessing? Why do we break a Matzah for no apparent reason? When the children ask about these strange steps themselves, they will be more interested in the answers, and we then tell them the story of Maggid.
Step five is just that, the story of Maggid: the actual fulfillment of the Mitzvah to teach and learn the story of the exodus from Egypt. This is when we teach the children the whole point of the Passover seder, and the entire reason for Passover as a whole. This is what g-d commanded us to do all those years ago when he took us out of Egypt.
Steps six to ten are the other Mitzvot required during Passover, including the Matzah and Maror, but why are these here and not with the other four steps at the beginning? Would these not help make the children curious about Passover? The thing is, the children are already interested in the concept of Passover by step four. To have anymore steps before Magid would just frustrate the children. No
Steps 11-15 make this Seder experience a memorable one, thus increasing the probability of us remembering what we learned in Maggid.

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