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The Struggle Essay

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The struggle

Everyone faces discrimination and oppression in their own lives. Some people have a much more difficult time facing discrimination than others. A good example of two people who have faced this oppression would be the two very successful writers: Sherman Alexie, A native American writer and author of the essay “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and me.” And Eric Lui, Asian American author of the essay “Notes of a Native Speaker.” These two authors faced discrimination based on solely their cultural heritage. Both of these texts show that from a very young age and into adulthood, the two authors: Alexie and Lui, faced many challenges in life. Each author, especially ...view middle of the document...

These unfortunate circumstances would have given outsiders a general reputation of all Native Americans on the reservation living in a state of poverty. This general image of native americans is an example of something that would be attached to Alexie. Lui on the other hand was a Asian American whose family came over to America in the 1950's (Lui 93). He does not give a story about how he was born in poverty in his writing, But he does tell how his own cultural heritage affected him throughout his early life. An example of how the power of culture affected Lui would be that, People assumed Lui because of his cultural heritage, would be good at math and science just based on the fact of his culture (Lui 97). Lui felt that this would be expected of him, of all people of Asian descent because he was aware of the stereotypes. These two authors are grouped together with others of their own particular cultures by a general image. These general images attached to people of a certain culture are known as stereotypes.

Both Lui and Alexie struggled to overcome stereotypes in their lives. In Lui's essay he lets readers know how stereotypes affected him during his college years and early adulthood. Lui states In his text, “ I was keenly aware of the unflattering mythologies that attach to Asian Americans: that we are indelibly foreign, exotic, math and science geeks, numbers people rather than people's people, followers and not leaders, physically frail but devious and sneaky, unknowable and potentially treacherous.” (lui 97). Lui lists these stereotypes clearly in his texts. This shows how much these stereotypes affected him and how aware he was of there existence. All of these stereotypes are based just off his culture based on what others think of his culture. These stereotypes affected Lui even though he: was born in New York on American soil, went to American Schools, and went to a renowned American college (Lui 93). But because he was of Asian descent these stereotypes attached themselves to him and others like him. Alexie had a similar problem with stereotypes in his life. In his texts Alexie states that just because he was a Native American child living on a Native American reservation he was expected to be unintelligent (Alexie 46). Alexie was not stupid; in fact Alexie himself saw just how smart he was compared even to non-Native American children. Alexie states in the essay, “This might be an interesting story all by itself. A little Indian boy teaches himself to read at an early age and advances quickly. He reads Grapes of Wrath in kindergarten when other children are struggling through Dick and Jane” (Alexie 46). Alexie was a child prodigy because of his reading ability; but because of his culture he is as he states, “ simply an oddity”(Alexie 46). Both authors faced the cold truth that stereotypes are rampant in everyday life. The majority of stereotypes are based off of ones culture, or more accurately ones cultural heritage.

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