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The Struggle Between Two Sides: Church And State

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The separation of the state and church refers to the distinct distance in the relationship that exists between the national state and the organized church. Although the aspect of separation between the state and the church has worked in a number of nations, the degree of separation varies depending on the valid legal policies and laws in relationship with the prevalence views on the religious aspect of the society. In most of the nations that practice such separation, there exists distinct rules and regulation between church and state. However, between the two entities, there will always exists a way through which the two entities will interact and consult each other as individual entities (Hamburger 67). People should not push Christian beliefs on American’s that do not want it , we should stick with our background as a Christian nation because most of American’s categorize themselves as Christians and our country has always been prosperous why change it now.
In some nations such as France and Turkey, the level of relations that exists between the nations and the church simply does not contribute to any reforms and law enforcing togetherness. Each of the entities in the nation act independent hence gives diverse opinion concerning issues affecting the nation as a whole. While in other nations such as United Kingdom and Denmark, the constitutional recognizes the official state and the religious organization working together for the common good of the nations (Hall 111). In general, the separation of the church and the state is an aspect that will affect both the involved parties. Gross dictates that, “….both the nation and its legal departments directly or indirectly depend on the religious organizations” (Gross 192). The contrary also works for the churches that in some way also rely on the government for support and financial aid. Some of the reason that contributes to the maintenance of the relationship that exists between the church and the state encompass issues such as:
America is a Christian nation and involves most of the citizens being Christian from the perspective that they believe and worship in one God. In relationship to the aspect of demographics, it is actually true that most of the states of America entail of Christian dominations (Green 161). In accordance to the research undertaken by Johnson and Frank in the year 2011, the statistics obtained from the Gallup poll indicated that 77% of the entire American population identify themselves as being members of the Christian faith (Johnson and Frank 147). Seventy seven percent of the entire American nation accepted being Christian hence in one way or another get linked with the events taking place in the religious organization.
Seventy seven percent of the American population is more than half the population of America. The larger portion of the government entails of the county government, which entails a larger percentage of the people (Shiffrin 206). This implies that...

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