The Struggle For Teens To Fit In

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Many teenagers have a hard time being accepted in social situations with their peer group. Adolescence is more about fitting in than not standing out. Teenagers more often than not are accepted by those who are like them. Bullying occurs because many don’t want to accept those who are not like them. Students have a responsibility to those who want to fit in but struggle. Fitting in is not as easy as it seems. While some people don’t want to fit it, it does not exclude anyone from having a certain responsibility to their fellow man.
Adolescence is more about fitting in than not standing out. While they seem similar, fitting in is much harder. Fitting in involves being accepted and having friends. Not standing out is just doing your best not to be noticed, but you don’t try “hard enough”. Fitting in involves dressing and behaving similarly to a person’s peer group. It also involves being interested in certain things. The character Piggy in Lord Of The Flies represents the struggle to fit in. Once Jack leaves, he is deemed part of the in crowd, and he feels like he can share ideas openly. He feels like he finally fits in and is accepted. After having one of his ideas accepted, Golding writes that “Piggy was so full of delight..., so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society, that he helped to fetch wood,” (Golding, 186) which is something that he would not have done otherwise due to people possibly making fun of him and the way he does things.
Teenagers are more often accepted by people who are like them. Those who have similar interests to their peer group are more likely to be accepted and have friends. Take the things that interest teenage girls for example. Today they involve kittens, dogs, clothing and music choice, and even specific books. If your interests fall under any types of these things, you are likely to make friends with someone. If they don’t, however, friendship may be harder. This is one of the many problems teens today face. The interests of the 21st century constantly change, and the variety shrinks with every newly released album or dress. For example, if you don’t have an iPhone, you will be viewed as someone who is less fortunate and therefor undeserving of specific crowds. This tends to be because the wealthier are thought to have iPhones, and you are automatically different from the crowd you are trying to fit in with depending on if you have one or not. Trying to fit into a crowd who deems you unworthy may also lead to bullying.
Bullying occurs because people don’t want to accept those who are not like them. If someone is not similar in thought or appearance to another person, they are at risk of being bullied. Coy, a Transgender girl from Colorado is a fantastic example of people not accepting those who are not like them. She is not bullied by peers in her school, but by teachers, administrators, and the even school board. Her being physically a boy is preventing these adults from accepting her as a girl...

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