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The Struggle Of A Single Mother

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The Struggle Of A Single MotherThere are times that can be very hard on a person. It is very difficult to maintain a family being the only parent. Many individuals think of people who are on welfare as being bad, but Ms. Downy is a perfect example of the opposite. In her article, "Is There Life After Welfare," Downey deals with some of the common stereotypes about people on welfare and her being one of them. She has faced many difficulties with being an only mother with two kids. She discusses and explains what a hard working and dedicated person she is. She got a job, and raised a family all on her own. Her tone in the article is very altering. From frustration to anger and agitation to glad; Downey shares all her feelings with the readers. At a point, she is feeling shame of being on welfare, but at the same time proud of what she has achieved on her own.In the beginning of the article, Downey feels very depressed and sad as she talks about her life as single mother. She states that she is a burden to everyone and everything especially being on welfare. I feel that Downey was not the type just to take the free money. I mean the reason why people on welfare are looked down upon is that they are thought to take the money without working for it. She is angry that she is in the situation that she is. She does not have well paying job even though she has a degree. She has to work at a job that pays $5.50 an hour just so she can support her family. She feels ashamed that she is not known as an individual, but rather she is just seen as a number. She states, "I am one of 12 million who are 1 percent of the federal budget. I am one of the 26 percent of AFDC recipients who are mother and the 36.6 percent who are white. ...I am a hot political issue. I am 145-65-8563. Group 3."Then, Downey changes her tone to frustration. This is because she has many tasks to do, but not enough time. She clarifies that, "It is 5 a.m. My alarm wakes up my kids. I try nursing my son back to sleep, but my daughter keeps him up with her questions: "Don't go out without telling me. Who's going to take care of us when you leave? What time is it?" I want to cry. It is still dark and I am exhausted. I've had make breakfast, set out clothes for the kids, make lunches." Her tone at that point is too much...

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