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The Struggle Of Dreams Displayed In The Film Field Of Dreams

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The Struggle of Dreams Displayed in the Film Field of Dreams Chasing a dream is an adventure worth taking a risk. Achieving them is
just the very beginning to one's happiness. Childhood is spent mostly
daydreaming about the future, however, the question is asked, "Will
these dreams come true?" To pursue dreams, one requires hope,
patience, and effort if they are to be fulfilled. Bette Davis once
said, "To fulfill a dream, to allow to sweat over lonely labor, to be
given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. They money
is the gravy." Dreams may not be realistic but it is only so
significant that you follow such a love for something. The struggle of
dreams is displayed in films such as Field of Dreams, directed by Phil
Alden Robinson. This film introduced a character named Ray Kinsella
who eventually followed his dream but experienced difficulty in the
process. In analyzing Ray Kinsella and his conflicts, one may realize
that life is too short to wait to pursue your dreams.

Ray Kinsella's life can be described as any other typical American. In
1952, Ray was born in Chicago to a loving father and mother.
Unfortunately, Ray was left only at three years old to be raised by a
single father figure when his mother died. His father did the best he
could raising Ray by himself. Instead of telling stories of Mother
Goose, Ray's father told him the stories of legendary heroes of
baseball- Babe Ruth, Lou Garrett, and Shoeless Joe Jackson. Their
relationship was like any other between a father and a son.
Nonetheless, tension elevated when Ray struck his teenage years. When
he graduated, Ray set a course for college farthest away from home and
so headed toward Berkeley. He majored in English but as Ray puts it,
"I majored in the 60s." He marched in protests, smoked grass, and met
Annie. In June 1974, Ray and Annie were married, but during that fall
his father had died. One year later, their daughter, Karen, was born.
Together as a family they lived on a cornfield in Iowa. At this point
of his life, he would only begin fulfilling his dream. At the age of
thirty-six, Ray had already been tied down to a wife, daughter, farm
and mortgage. Though Ray's goals in life were not yet accomplished,
his life is that of a dreamer's.

Ray eventually carried out his dream but along the way he experienced
many conflicts. Such conflicts included social issues. In the film,
Ray was inspired by a voice that said, "If you build it, he will
come." He believed "he" referred to the famous Shoeless Joe Jackson.
For that reason he plowed many acres of land for a baseball field.
Considered confusing and shocking, his actions led the town to declare
him as the town's fool. Financial stability was also another

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