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The Struggle To Become A Nation

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In this essay, I am going to analyze the process of creating a nation in Cuba, Brazil and Mexico respectively. I am going to give a profound examination of Latin American’s struggle to become a nation. Moreover, this paper will compare and contrast critical topics such as the abolition of slavery in Brazil, racial issues and war in Cuba and social revolution in Mexico.
The main similarities between the abolition of slavery in Brazil, racial issues and war in Cuba and social revolution in Mexico are their struggle to gain equal opportunity for all people living in the same land. For instance, in Cuba the independence movement affected the ideas of race and identity. Black and White Cubans fought to get independence from Spain and to end African slavery. During Thirty years of time, Cuban population fought Spanish army in three major wars, such as, the Ten Years' War (1868–1878), the Guerra Chiquita (1879–1880), and the Spanish-Cuban War of 1895. This significant wars led by white and black revolutionary leaders, intellectuals and journalists, guide them to identify Cuban nationhood and nationality. They visualized an independent Cuba as a culturally democratic society. In the captivating book “Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, and Revolution” Ada Ferrer makes known that description of race, slavery, and the place of black people in the revolution changed dramatically with the appearance of Cuban patriotism in the late 19th century. The influences of leaders like Jose Marti help to view black insurgents as constructed color-blind nationalists dedicated to the freedom of Cuba and not as slaves and ex-slaves trying to bring down the regime of slavery and require equal rights. “Marti never linked these dangers to black participation itself. And when he spoke of the struggles of Cuba of color, and of salves in particular, he judged these to be just a necessary.” (Ferrer, p.81) Thanks to white leaders like Jose Marti the view of black people were altered from a hazard of the nation to a representation of Cuban nationalism's vow to multiracial social equality. In the battle against Spain, Cuban revolutionaries used anti-racism as a weapon. This revolution unified blacks, mulattos and white men with the gold of creating an anti racist nation. “The revolution, was represented in the early 1890s, had thus created the basis of Cuban nationhood. It was the site where, in the words of Gomez,” Blacks and whites became brothers” and where, according to Marti, “facing death, barefoot all and naked all, blacks and whites became equal: they embraced and have not separated since.”( Ferrer, p. 126) This quotation demonstrates how the Cuban nation came together to fight for equal rights and racial fraternity. This shows that it is possible to fight for the right of all citizen of a nation, such as, white, black and mulatto. “.. It was that black-white union that made the nation possible.” (Ferrer, p.127) Without the union of white, black and mulatto the fight for Cuban...

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