The Struggle To Remain True To The "Deep Heart's Core"

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"Let us go forth, the tellers of tales, and seize whatever prey the heart long for, and have no fear. Everything exists, everything is true, and the Earth is only a little dust under our feet." This quote was openly stated by William Butler Yeats, an Irish writer who showed the meaning of how the human imagination gives meaning to life's struggles. William used his creative power in his writing to symbolize imagination as the center piece of human desires to inspire others and bring life to the creative spirit. However, to challenge the figurative meaning of the quote said by William, one might say that everything is not true and it is vastly difficult to go for ones dreams without allowing doubt and regret come into play. To respond to that challenge, I say, "William embraced the human condition itself and he consistently gave commemoration to hardships and suffering. Amazingly, he still was able to balance those two features out by teaching life lessons that would dominate the writings of a generation." Two of Yeats's works that represent the balance of creativity and reality are "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," and "Adam's Curse." These two pieces of work show the thoughtfulness and the obscurity of William and how he used it to revolutionize twentieth century writing.
William Butler Yeats was an inspiring poet from the twentieth century. His ultimate world consisted of a spiritual voyage that was based on art and the aesthetics of the real world. His journey on planet Earth began on June 13, 1865, in Dublin, Ireland. He was the eldest son of a painter. Even though his family moved to England in 1867, William would still frequently visit his grandparents in his home country. In Ireland, he was deeply influenced by the folklore of the region. In 1881, the Yeats family moved back to Dublin and that's when William really began to become fascinated with the Irish customs. During his school years at the Metropolitan School of Art, he became more focused on literature and began to write poems. With his first publication in 1885, and the life changing meeting with Maud Gonne, an actress and Irish revolutionary, he was undoubtedly having the time of his life. As he became more in love with Maud, she became a true landmark in his writing. One particular work that she is mentioned in is "Adam's Curse." This work can be seen as an example of a dramatic transformation of Yeats's poetic works because he moved away from the mythology of Ireland's Celtic past and focused more on the reality of the world and its struggles.
"Adam's Curse" makes three connections with three situations that are central to the poem, and they go as followed: firstly, the pain and hard work of finding the true meaning of poetry and deciphering "A line will take us hours maybe.. (4)." Secondly, the pain and hard work of being a woman and "That we must labor to be beautiful (21)." Thirdly, the pain and hard work of making love work and "So much compounded of high courtesy (25)." These...

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