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The Struggles Facing Ld Students Essay

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The Struggles Facing LD Students

Students with learning disabilities are a part of the educational system and they always will be. These students have a single goal in mind, but their disability and social barriers keep them from it. On the other hand, educators have pledged to teach all students, but some fail to teach LD students. This represents an ethical, moral, and legal breakdown of their responsibilities. Educators need to be properly trained and aware of how to meet the needs of these students. The lack of such leads to failure. Students fail because they are afflicted by a disability that forces them to learn in unconventional ways. Teachers fail because they do not embrace the challenge brought about by the diversity of the situation.

Students, all over the world, enter into a classroom environment all with a common purpose. The purpose is to learn and excel in all subject areas. This purpose is the same whether the student is in kindergarten or at the university level. The same is true for male and female students, and it is also the case for students who have a learning disability. For these students, the goal is the same, but they can not effectively learn without the help of educators. Learning disabilities alter how these students learn; therefore, the outcome changes. It becomes one of failure and frustration. The student with the disability fails, and educators become frustrated and discouraged.

Learning Disabilities (LD) are hidden (obscure) disabilities that affect many people. These people usually have average or above average intelligence, but they are not able to achieve their full potential. The Learning Disability Institute estimates that 5 to 20% of the school-age population has a Specific Learning Disability. A "Specific Learning Disability" is a disorder that affects one or more of the basic psychological processes. These processes are involved in understanding or using language (spoken or written) and affect the ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell or do math. Scientists at the National Institute of Health theorize that learning disabilities stem from subtle disturbances in the brain's structures and functions. Learning disabilities do not include children who experience learning problems as a result of visual, hearing or motor handicaps. It also does not include children affected by mental retardation, or by environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages. Students with learning disabilities can learn, but they learn differently. It is up to the general education teachers to find a meaningful way of teaching these students.

The teacher's purpose is to teach all students; however, often it is not the case for students who have a learning disability. Educators fear how learning disabilities alter the learning modes of these students. This fear leads to a biased relationship between educator and student. This failed relationship leads to failure and frustration and encourages distrust....

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