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The Struggles Of Not Be Able To Speak English

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Que dices no te entendo, (what is that I can not understand you); English was a foreign language to me. I would just goof off at school because I didn’t know how to speak and write English. I will just speak Spanish to my teachers, friends, and my parents. I notice that I wasn’t going to get far in life if I don’t spoke or write the language that I’m living in.
When I first got here in America I was an immigrant, and I didn’t know anything about reading and writing in English because I only went to school in Mexico for a year. Once I arrived in the United States I was shock in seeing everything different from Mexico, and it was as if I had arrived in a different world. My parents brought me here so that I could have a better future and in order for that to happen I had to go to school. From the first day kindergarten I knew that I had to have an English class, but it seemed harder then I thought. Also I knew that in order to fit in I needed to be ...view middle of the document...

I began to see kids reading book as if they were watching cartoons. That when I figure out that without reading I’m not going to be capable to comprehend English. I was not going to be skilled to go far in life if I wasn’t fluently at English. I asked the teacher for help in which she did because I didn’t have any ones to help me at my house. My Teacher would sit down and taught me the ABC. After that I began to read simple story with her over and over even at my house. That I even knew the story by heart.
In addition I began to watch movies and cartoons shows in English too because I began to comprehend a little more English. Another thing that I need to hear more English in my house but there was no one, my TV was like my teacher. The cartoons that I watch on the TV were cat-dog, rugrats and dragon tales. Those cartoons taught me to how to speak and comprehend English. I wanted to learn and know as much my classmates I didn’t wanted to fall behind on which it was a really good motivation for me. Everything is not easy in life but I tried my hardest and I managed to keep up with the other kids, but I was just a little behind because it took me a longer time to do my work. Also I began to pick up more and more books because they helped me though school. I practice my read little story that my teacher use to give me like Jack and Jill. Now I knew that reading books gave me the energy as if I was running a race
I began to understand English because I read book. Then I began to read other book but on of my favorite was the black stallion because it is about a horse and I love horses. Now a fluently in English, but I still had an accent, and you could tell that English wasn’t my first language.
Also now I’m positive that learning English was one of the most important decision, and best one too. Without learning English I wouldn’t be in college and I’m proud of being in college.
As I result I could say that without reading and watching English television shows. I will probably not even be able to speak and write English. Now I’m a fluent bilingual in which I’m proud. Now I know that reading is the key to everything because without I cant even image what I wouldn’t done with out it.

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