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The Stuart Model Of Innovation Essay

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From compiling information, theory’s, and models from previous papers and research, I constructed the Stuart model of innovation. This model will incorporate a couple other models such as systems thinking, theory Y model, and some elements from both leadership ethics along with innovation team building. This paper will examine the most basic component of any business or organization, an innovative plan. Because an organization cannot even begin let along become successful without an innovative business plan.
The seven tips from “Making Innovation work” are best used to show the importance of innovation strategies. When making a business plan make sure that innovation is a main part of it (Davila et. al, 2006). Apple is a great example of this rule, they have even said that their job is innovation and “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” (Steve Jobs). By starting an organization without an integrated innovation plan, over time it will be harder and harder for the organization to stay afloat (Davila et. al, 2006). A successful innovation plan has some key issues that need to be addressed.
Constructing a successful innovative plan for an organization needs to focus on three aspects: problem solving (solution-focused learning), networking (inter/intra-organization networking), and staffing (both employees and management). A key component to having an innovative plan is to know how to deal with problems. Solution-focused learning (SFL) is a “Traditional approaches to problem-solving assume a cause and effect between problems and solutions” (Jackson and McKergow, 2002). The SFL focuses on: diagnosis, research, solution, implementation, and evaluation. By including a SFL into the business plan, the organization will be able to handle issues that arise much easier (Jackson and McKergow, 2002).
Networking is the next key component to consider while designing an innovative plan. Networking is broken down into two different categories, one is communication within the organization and one is communication with outside branches of the organization. Communication within the company however leads to other crucial innovation models. By having a strong intra-communication, the employee’s devolve a stronger tie to each other which can lead to better innovative teams(Narayanan and O'Connor, 2010), which will be discussed later. Another model that deals with intra-communication is the Systems Innovation Methodology (SIM) A.K.A. systems thinking.
SIM encompasses that all employees work towards a common goal, instead of focusing on each different component (Narayanan and O'Connor, 2010). SIM will only prove to be effective to innovation when there is a strong intra-communication (Dean et. al, 2004). Systems innovation methodology is like a double edged sword. SIM can be more effective by bringing together different teams and individuals towards one shared goal, making for more effective work and promoting creativity. This goal of having...

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