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The Student Union Development In 1960's And 1970's

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The Student Union Development in 1960's and 1970's

In the 1960's the USA was benefiting from post war affluence. People
had more money because their wages had increased. This meant that
parents were able to give their children "pocket-money". Children were
then able to spend this money on the things that were available at the
time. These were things like going to the cinema. In the cinema they
could see films made by Hollywood about daredevil young men living on
the edge. The films gave the impression it was good to live for the
moment, "live fast, die young" This was just what happened to young
film star James Dean, he died while driving a very fast car. Films
were becoming more adventurous. Sex became more explicit as in films
like Ted and Alice, and the Graduate. Six James Bond films, including
Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Gold finger, combined sex and
violence and were enormously popular. Previous taboos on sex, violence
and language were ignored. Literature also played a part in the
development of the student movement, more and more books were being
published that broadened the student's minds, making them able to see
things from another groups of people point of view. To kill a Mocking
was a book written by Harper Lee was a book about the corruptness of
the legal system and the racial and social discrimination of black
people. Women were also making a stand for themselves through
literature, Betty Frieden wrote the Femme Mystique about why women
should change and Gloria Steinman was also another woman who led the
way for many women. Music also played a part in the development; more
music groups were appearing all over the country. In their songs these
bands and singers would sing about the problems of the country. Elvis
appeared and he began to attract many fans. The parents of the fans
often disagreed with the influence of Elvis in their children's lives
because of his sexually fuelled performances. The Beach Boys began
recording music that appealed to teenagers at school. The Beatles,
from England, burst into popularity with innovative rock music that
appealed to all ages.Bob Dylan was also another artist from the
1960's. In his songs he would sing about subjects like, nuclear war,
racism and the waging of war.

The 1960's was also a decade of social unrest, many people were not
happy. Many people were campaigning for civil rights and many people
were also protesting against government policies. Many students were
affected by the campaigning and so many of them joined in with the
campaigns. This began to start a lot of political activity within the
country's colleges and universities. Students began to join groups;
they were able to do this because they had more freedom, for example,
in 1967 the oral contraceptive pill became legal, this gave women to
option on...

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