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The Students Service In The Collage

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1. Introduction:Insearch College is one of Australia's most important colleges for Diploma of Business, Communication, Design and IT for foreign students. Most overseas students want to study at university technology of Sydney straightly through finishing the Diploma courses at Insearch. At Insearch, the academic services include General Information, Timetable Semester, Remedial Classes for Semester, Market Campus Room and Exam Information. According to statistic, more than half of students at Insearch are not satisfied with the academic service, almost half of students thinks teaching methods should been improved. As a consequently, a group of Insearch students have carried out a report. The report seeks to improve academic service of Insearch and help the managers to make decision on the study.In this report, there are three aspects of problem of the academic service bring to attention that need to be focused on. The investigated reveals three major problems which include break in the timetable, teacher quality and interactive new of the course.2. Method:A survey is conducted to see how many students agree with our opinions. There are in total nine questions in the questionnaires and 20 respondents who filled in the questionnaire. the results which we obtained are all as predicted for these problems through our survey. In the section, I will analysis the result of break in the timetable, teacher quality and interactive new of the course through the charts and figures.3.1 Break in timetable:For the purpose of the report, most student concern about the timetabling all the time, despite of no break time between lessons, so that students are difficult to concentrate on study.The pie chart 1: the probability of students is satisfied with timetableFrom the above the pie chart, it can be seen clearly that the large portion is that the students are not satisfied the currently the timetable, accounting for 60%, the probability of good enough is making up 25%. The small portion of satisfied with the timetable is 15%The figures 2: The trend of improved timetableThere is a curve graph which is describes the trend of improved timetable. Ten...

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