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The Students Survival Guide For Composition

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In this age of electronic communication, why is it still important to be able write well? First, in order to pass the composition class a student must be able to show a proficiency in writing. This skill will also assist the student in the majority of the other classes attended. Another reason is it will directly benefit the student in reaching individual goals. As a student approaches graduation, the mailing and posting of many resumes for companies to view will occur. For the person who possesses excellent communication skills this will be the first opportunity to dazzle, hence gaining the recruiter’s attention. The goal is for the company to desire hiring the student for the position. ...view middle of the document...

A great device for organizing all of the amazing thoughts is a Graphic Organizer. The Graphic Organizer has a series of ovals, similar in appearance to the caption bubbles in a comic book. In the middle is a larger oval, this is a great place to write the subject of the essay. In addition, there are smaller bubbles that provide an excellent place to jot down paragraph and sentences. A Graphic Organizer is a visual plan to help the student to organize the essay easily.
Equally important are the grammar rules and instructions the professor will teach the class. The instructor shall be very clear about writing styles that the student should not use. For instance, when writing an academic essay it is not acceptable to use first or second person. Just what does this mean? When choosing the words for the essays make sure: I, me, my, mine, us, our, and ours are not in the paper, this is considered first person. An author writes in a second person style when the reader is included, this is a great for connecting with the audience in informal writing; however, it is not an acceptable form for college papers. Therefore, it is important that the words: you, your, and yours are not present on the page. Composition professors are sticklers about writing from a third person point of view, so avoid first and second person writing styles at all times.
Prior to writing the first draft, it is beneficial to read the assigned chapter in the textbook. The chapter contains an outline providing the author with instructions on how to create the document. The time it takes to read the chapter assigned is well worth the effort because also included is examples of other essays. At this point, the student is ready to begin the first rough draft of the paper. It is very important to think about writing the paper with the audience in mind. For the audience will influence the word choice and the voice of the essay. Such as, if the audience is a group of senators, the language and tone will be much different than if the...

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