The Study Of Absenteeism, Part Of A Research

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Education is not only the transfer of information, knowledge and skills from the teachers to students but the actual transformation of a person to become educated. Being educated mean one has access to prime states of mind no matter what kind of situation one is facing. One is able to act efficiently, perceive exactly, and think clearly to accomplish one’s goals and aspirations.

The study of absenteeism is very important for any college. The word absenteeism means the absence of a student from class when he is expected to be present at school/college. When teacher has no information in advance, that the student will not report for class if ...view middle of the document...

In a private institution as AMA, retention is very important. Identifying the factors that leads to absenteeism will provide the means of decrease in dropouts and therefore maintaining the retention of students.


The main topic of the research is: Factors Affecting the Absenteeism of First Year Students of AMA Computer College Zamboanga City College of Academic Year 2013-2014.
The study aims to answer the following:
1. How often do students commit absence at school?
2. What are the common causes of being absent?
3. What are the effects of being absent to students’ academic performance?


The results of this study will be of great use to the following:

A. Students.
This study will help convince the students to attend their class regularly since this will provide them factual information about the benefits that they can acquire in attending school and the possible effects of them being absent in classes.

B. Parents.
This study will help parents in understanding their children and they can also be involve in the planning and implementing of plans to improve their children’s classroom attendance.

C. Instructors and Administration.
They could help each other in implementing plans in helping the...

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