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The Study Of Medical Science Essay

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Health is one of the biggest points of the human race. It keeps us healthy, working and most importantly, alive. Without proper research in health science our lives would be much more disease riddled and just overall much worse. This is where the role of the medical scientist comes in. They find new ways the treat or even prevent health issues. Without medical scientists in the picture our growth as a race would virtually stop.
The field of medical science is a vital and ever changing one. Since diseases are always changing medical scientists must keep their eyes peeled for any virus or bacteria that could threaten people. For that reason they are usually conducting research aimed to improve people’s lives. When they are not doing research they are using medical trials or experiments to test their findings (BLS). When a medical scientist proves their drug can help human health the FDA has to clear it to be put on the market for the public. Without new prescriptions always being produced the diseases they prevent could be able to harm people. This is why medical scientists are so essential to everyone’s life.
The career that we call medical science is nothing like what it was a century ago. Even in the early 1900’s people still believed a combination of herbs and spices would cure anything. People paid lots of money for a special blend to cure any of their ailments. The people that made these concoctions went by different names around the world but the practice was relatively the same. The natives in North America were called medicine men and often wore elegant clothing and headdresses as a symbol of high authority and importance to the village. Medicine men also usually held a governing position due to their respected intellect (Navajo). This proves that health has always played a massive role in the way people live and always will.
Medical science is a field that requires a lot of different levels of education in many specific courses. If someone wants to be a successful medical scientist they would need to go through many years of college to earn a PhD in biology or related life sciences from an accredited post secondary university. Also some more advanced positions in medical science require a degree from a specific medical school. Although people must go through many years of schooling to become a medical scientist it is well worth it to be such a large part of what happens in the world.

Granted someone who has just finished their schooling has the education to be a medical scientist they can not jump into it quite yet. Every medical scientist needs to get multiple licenses to work with specific materials and to put their vaccines or drugs onto the commercial market. The first license they need to get would be the Interdepartmental Medical Science Certificate. This would let them be able to study in a commercially owned laboratory setting ...

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