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The Study Of Re Growing Human Limbs

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Since the civil war amputations have been a popular surgery to make sure that one does not obtain and bacterial infections (Clements, 2014). But up until now the possibility of growing that arm or leg that was lost was not even remotely possible. Recently scientist have found the gene Fgf8 and Wnt7a are critical for the re-development of the lost limbs, in a salamander (Muneoka,2008). This and other genes have been found in some of humans 48 chromosomes and may be the key to being able to regrow legs for those that have lost them in service and different sort of accidents. What used to be a fantasy for many amputates may become a reality in the lives of many in the next decade or two.
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From there the fibroblasts create the new limb. The discovery of how the cells get to the site of the amputation and then begin the process of rebuilding the limb is revolutionary and will hopefully help scientists create drugs and treatments to help rebuild a human limb.
Fibroblasts are unique as they can access all of the DNA that they have while others are only able to access the little bit of their DNA that is used for their cell.
(Michael , Z., 2010)
Fibroblasts are not only unique but they are also very useful for the body and for scientist that study many different fields. What it means for a fibroblasts to be unique is that it these cells can create any proteins that the body can. These cells and any other cells in the body create proteins using tRNA, mRNA, and rRNA. This happens when the mRNA is created by taking a “blueprint” from the DNA using RNA polymerase. Then it cuts the parts off of the strand that are not needed for the specific protein(introns and extrons) creation that the mRNA is being created for. Then once the strand is completed it travels outside the nucleus and goes to the ribosomes where the information then travels to the ribosomes. It then is created using different amino acid bases. This ability of being able to create any protein and be any cell that is required in the certain situation is an ability that could play a crucial role in being able to regrow human body parts.
It is one thing to see a how the regeneration process occurs in a salander, nut another to see how it could be used in that of a human. Upon investigation of the different levels of tissue in a human limb it is found that almost all of the layers have the possibility and ability to regenerate. The only one that is not able to is the dermis which is the layer that holds a great deal of heterozygous fibroblast cells. These are the same cell that is crucial in the function of re-growing limbs in that of a salamder. They are all able to recover from a small scale injury. It was also found that in a young human embryo a human CAN...

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