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The Examination Of Tqm In Various Sectors

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Running head: THE EXAMINATION OF TQM IN VARIOUS SECTORSThe Examination of TQM in Various SectorsTiffany Nicole JacksonUniversity of PhoenixQuality Management and ProductivityMKT/449Marshall S. Brown25 October 2007The Examination of TQM in Various SectorsThe American Red Cross (ARC), representing the nonprofit sector, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), representing the service sector, and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), representing the service sector, are widely known organizations. They all have rich histories spanning decades, even centuries. We will take a brief look at their history, mission, strategic goals, and the importance of each organization's leadership in relation to quality. The value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction and a description of the need for customer driven quality will be explained. A comparison matrix will explain the differences between strategic roles of TQM within each organization from each sector.The American Red Cross, founded by Clara Barton on May 21, 1881, in Washington, D.C., is a member of one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world, known as International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which was founded in 1919 (American Red Cross [ARC], 2007). The ARC, in conjunction with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, follows seven fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. Each Red Cross and Red Crescent organization are independent, but have the same mission, "to help those who suffer, without discrimination whether it be during conflict, in response to natural or man-made disasters, or to alleviate the suffering brought by conditions of chronic poverty (American Red Cross [ARC], 2007)."The American Red Cross is a totally volunteer-led organization. They supported financially by voluntary public contributions and cost-reimbursement charges. They are led by a fifty member volunteer Board of Governors. The honorary chairperson is the president of the United States, who appoints eight governors and the chairperson of the board. The president of the Red Cross, who is nominated by the chairman and elected by the board, is responsible for carrying into effect the policies and programs of the board (ARC, 2007). The focus of the American Red Cross is the people they help, their customers. They provide services to those in need after natural disasters, provide training in first aid and CPR, and they take pride in the quality of service they provide.The Internal Revenue Service history goes back to the Civil War, during 1862. "President Lincoln and Congress created the position of commissioner of Internal Revenue and enacted an income tax to pay war expenses (Internal Revenue Service [IRS], n.d.)." This income tax was repealed in 1872; enacted again in 1894; then ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1895. With the...


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