The Stupid Who Wasn't Actually Stupid

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Once upon there was a boy who was unlike normal boys. He used to have problems with reading, writing and when it came to tests he used to fail. The rest of his classmates used to laugh at him as they used to do well while he didn't. Whenever he went home he used to always get a shouting by his parents. No one really cared about this boy. He himself also lost hope in life. He never used to care about anything, when it came to school work, he used to give it to the dog to eat. He never cared about anything as he knew he had no support of anyone and he was failing. Basically he was a failure. While his brother used to do well. Everyone used to compare him with his brother and used to say that he is stupid. They all said that he was faking his stupidity, he was clever but didn't care unlike his brother who cared and did well. The only person who really cared for him was actually of all people his brother. His parents got so tired of this boy that they sent him to a boarding school hoping that could make a difference. This still didn't change the boys view of life. He still didn't care about life. Actually it made him lose more hope in life now that he was alone in this boarding school with no one he knew. He was lonely and lost more hope in life. The sending of this little boy never had a positive impact on the family but actually a negative impact. His brothers marks started to go down and the parents started to worry. Did that little boy who was good for nothing actually have some good in him? In the boarding school there was a teacher who used to teach in a rehab school. But now he came to this school not as a rehab teacher but actually as an arts teacher. He saw this boy and then said I can help him. I had many like him in my old school. He ain't something new. This boy has some hope. So he went to the boys parent's house without the boy. He asked the parents to show him some of the boys old school work which they did. He slowly looked...

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694 words - 3 pages to it. I have several blond friends who are actually very smart. To prove my point, I have a friend named Mary Klase who is ALWAYS being stereotyped about her hair color. This is ridiculous. How can you judge someone by the color of there hair? Mary, like Megan and Amber, is in all TAG classes and geometry! She is one of the smartest people that I know. People harass her all the time about how she is a blond. How would you like it if people were

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974 words - 4 pages - (police enter house)VO Cop - we tried to sperate the two of them......Man - you stupid bitch, what makes you think you can talk to me like that, I bring home all the dam money and if you ever say shit like that again ill beat you senseless.Cop - Alright what's going on here?Man - who the hell? Get your dam hands off me.Cop - Right mate, you are under arrest!Man - It's that bitches fault, she asked for it.Cop - Right get outside. (Man walks outside


949 words - 4 pages , everyone tells you to learn how to stand up for yourself. But that's hard to do if you don't know who you are. If you don't define yourself, the society will do it for you. Stupid. Ugly. Fat.According to recent studies, 61% of students shoot others because they are victims of bullying. Over 10% of students assume the only way they could stop the bullying is changing schools to have a fresh start. But why should they be the ones changing when

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1021 words - 4 pages saw a glimpse of Jade. My heart sped up majorly. Flicking my head around, the figure came into view properly. Well that definitely wasn't Jade. It was a dude with dreadlocks who I'd never laid eyes upon before. Stupid brain getting my hopes up,making me see things that weren't there. There was just something about Jade that attracted me to her. Well, it wasn't just me. I knew Axel had the hots for her as well, they had been friends for years

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