The Subconscious Always Get Its Way

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In 2013 BBC released a documentary called “Teenage Exorcist”. It is about three girls, whose ages range from seventeen to twenty-one that travel around the world with one of the girl’s father, Bob Larson, preforming exorcisms on people. The story of the young girls being involved in something that the church usually likes to keep secret caught the attention of the media quickly and the girls appeared on news channels, National Geographic, the Anderson cooper show and so many other media outlets (WEBSITE REFERENCE). The three girls claim that by preforming these exorcisms they are bringing the possessed person closer to god and therefore bringing themselves closer to god.

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A total institution is a system that “regulates all of aspects of an individual’s life” (TEXT BOOK REFRENCE 444). Religions can fall into this category because of the strict rules that the people in the religion have to follow. Christianity follows the commandments set out by the Bible and believes that if you do not adhere by these strict rules that you will be sent to hell when you die. These girls have been put in a leadership role in front of their fellow parishioners and the world due to their media appearances. This causes the pressure to adhere to these rules to increase. These girls have grown up knowing nothing other than what their father has taught them. Now church in itself cannot be called a total institution because it does not exhibit the necessary qualities. It is the extremists in certain churches and certain religions that make certain circumstances be able to be classified as a total institution.

These interactions within the total institution of their religion have built the girls reality. Childhood is the period of time in a person’s life where they for their own reality, and since these girls didn’t have many interactions with other people other than their parents growing up they don’t know anything different. They feel that being a teenage exorcist is normal and even a good thing. This adherence on their identity formation will impact how they interact with other people later in their lives. People who know what they do for a living might look negatively upon them and not want anything to do with them. Also because of the negative energy that surrounds exorcisms the girls will have to carry the negative cloud around with them for the rest of their lives.
This brings up the question as to why the girls would willingly place themselves in this position. Critics say that it because they are fame seeking and that Bob Larson is just trying to get television deal out of it. The reason why this is so appealing is because society has made it appear that the only way to truly be successful is to have everyone know of your work. On the other hand the girls say they do what they do because they truly believe they are helping people. They know that they are going to be mocked and that there amount of disbelievers will outnumber the believers but the symbolic meaning behind what they are doing outweighs the reality.
The main symbol that is associated with exorcisms and the girls is a cross. The girls and people across the world believe that the cross is a symbol of their faith; if they have the cross with them than they are protected from evil and closer to god. People will react differently towards other people in society based on whether they carry a cross around with them. Some critics believe that placing the girls in such close quarters with the...

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