The Substantial Significance Of Moonshine Essay

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Although some people had the perception that moonshine was one of the most profound discoveries, moonshine which had a variety of pseudonyms such as “white lightning” and “hooch” (“1920s’ Prohibition”). Moonshine created an immense amount of hardship and melee in the underground alcohol business. The Volstead Act, which is another name for the National Prohibition Enforcement Act (which was made to reinforce the 18th amendment), had restricted the production, sale, transportation, importation and exportation of alcohol that wasn’t to their standards when it was passed on October 28, 1919 (“1920s’ Prohibiton”). The Volstead Act resulted in surreptitious and hazardous distilling sites, poorly ...view middle of the document...

As the Prohibition was progressing, the authorities found more 18,000 illegal distilleries (Logsdon). With that in mind, the moonshiners soon learned that to be somewhat mobile and successful, they need to create a distillery for every one that was destroyed (Johnson).
Furthermore, another key concern that followed the Prohibition and Volstead Act was production of alcohol, in particularly moonshine. A heavy ingredient that was used in the production process was called “Jamaican Ginger” which was up to 70% alcohol (Logsdon). “Some moonshiners learned that "jake" strengthened their product, and some alcoholics learned that Jamaican ginger was as strong as or was stronger than moonshine” said Logsdon. This information played a key factor in the effects of moonshine. The ingredient caused a paralyzed position of the leg which became known as the “Jake Leg” which was briefly explained above. Many moonshiners thought the ingredient gave a balance and equilibrium to the moonshine. Since the moonshine business was underground and so secretive, many of the consumers of the product ignored all dangers of the product such as the contaminants, bacteria, and poisonous additives which were added for distillation and fermentation.
In addition, another key common factor that arose from the illegal production, exportation, transportation and sale of moonshine during the Volstead Act was the increased crime rate. The production and selling of moonshine brought a significant amount of revenue, but more importantly, the smuggling of the alcohol was a very profitable business. These smugglers were often called “bootleggers” (“1920s’ Prohibition”). Many suspect that the outstanding crime rate resulted from the large varieties of moonshine and other liquor. Since the...

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