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The Succesfull Of Community Policing Essay

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Both of the ethnicity, Bali tribe and Lampung tribe concur 10 point of peace document that have been made on mediation process as the citizen contract. Resolving indigenous conflict means that we should obey the traditional cultural norm and law on those areas. In this case, for Bali tribe and Lampung tribe, both have theirs own local wisdom. Lampung tribe famous for Piil Pesenggiri, meaning as pride and honour emerging the behaviour of thinking and way of live. Its also explain that the ability of living together in harmony is one of lesson learned from Piil. Bali tribe also famous with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Tatwam Asi, meaning as “I is I am and you is you are, even we are different we are ...view middle of the document...

On the process of concialiation, police always become guardian in every meeting between religious leader, community leaders, government and stakeholders to reach the peace agreement. Post-of peace, community-policing strategy increasingly needed to be applied on both of communities. However, the prevention efforts to stop the conflict are the role of community-policing strategies by police.

Particularly, community-policing strategy is the right solution to resolve the ethnic conflict in Lampung. It is applied because of three conditions; the first condition is the ethnic conflict occurs in the region of the adjacent or neighboring areas. It can be categorized “cases at limited locations”. Therefore, based on community-policing strategy, Police Department divides “polices working area” to do surveillance and development of society as efforts to prevent the conflict or chaos in their own area. Next condition is usually ethnic conflict happened between kinship group in society, race or class (in this case between Lampungnese and Balinese). It does not include of stakeholder conflict such as conflict between government and colleger, mass of political party or other professional groups. The last one is “rapid response”. This conflict needs quick handling from the government as forefront peacefulness. Therefore, local government, District Police Station and officers (Polsek and Babinkamtibmas) have to provide security of conflict areas and become intermediary towards concialiation.
Community policing and Bhabinkamtibmas officers right now are in the front line, society nowdays are starting to believe the police performance again. There were now called Pilot Project puts one village one Bhabinkamtibmas officer, could minimizing any problems that exist in society. The police are no longer looking at people as passive and have limitedness as informan resources, but already seen as a partner in the effort to prevent and tackle crime. Along with the placement of the Bhabinkamtibmas in each village, the people themselves can feel the local security environment, by always done partnership with police as the police can be realized the revitalization of public confidence to...

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