The Success Of A Trained Actor

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Trained Aspiring Actors Success in the Acting Industry Thesis: Aspiring actors and actresses should get professional training before trying to get into the theater industry because it boosts the amount of success one can have in the industry, it strengthens an individual’s talent, and it helps a person learn the nature of the business.
Aspiring Actors and actresses are often judged based off the amount of training they have had. Having professional training can usually determine whether or not someone can receive positive or negative judgement. Most actors and actresses that get negative feedback are usually the people that lack professional training. Individuals that have theatrical ...view middle of the document...

Theatrical training can also boost an actors chances of success in the industry because an individual will learn various techniques that strengthen a performance. Technique makes the performance better because an audience can learn more about the character being portrayed as well as the story. Many successful actors today say that their training is what helped them in their professional career. In an article called, “Successful Actors Talk About Their Training by Staff” Emily Watson, a well known English actress, said, “ I did a workshop with [playwright-director] Edward Bond. I found that he was very difficult and baffling, but subsequently it’s been one of the most influential things in my professional career.” This comment supports the idea that professional training, difficult or not, can influence someone’s career in a positive way.
Being trained professionally as an aspiring actor before entering the theater industry helps strengthen an actors talent because it’s what can make a beginner turn into a pro. The coaching can help a person know the do’s and don’ts of performing. When someone knows how to portray a character through various steps and rules it makes the actors performance stronger. If the performance is growing to be more believable then that means that the training is having a positive impact on the performer and the performer’s chances of being successful in the acting industry is higher as opposed to an amateur actor. For example, in the article, “Successful Actors Talk About Their Training by staff” Sophia Bush, a well known American Actor, stated that, “ I took Margie Haber’s three-day weekend intensive … I was going into the life of the character … it was just and instinctional experience … three weeks after that I booked ‘One Tree Hill’ and I’ve been out of Los Angeles (working on the series) since.” This shows that getting coached by the right teacher can bring out greater talent within an actor which builds confidence. Having confidence in a performance makes the possibility of success higher for an aspiring actor in the future.
Being a trained actor also helps strengthen talent because the more experience an actor has means the better portrayal of a character. Having a great deal of talent can make or break an aspiring actors career. When an actor does well with getting into the character that also makes he or she more marketable because it shows how versatile they can be. Being versatile helps an actor stay employed more often. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics”, shows that the average employment rate of an actor in the United States of America in 2012 was 16.9%.” Compared to the average employment rate of the U.S. that is extremely low and the majority of that percentage came from trained actors, therefore when an actor is...

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