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Apple company is a high-tech company in the United States, the core business is electronic technology products in 2007 by the United States apple computer company changed its name to apple, ranked 19th in the world top 500 ranking in 2013, is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Apple's Steve jobs, Steve Gary wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne founded on April 1, 1976, is famous for its innovation in high-tech enterprises, The company divided its own product lines for the iPhone, I pad, Mac, iPod, iTunes, software and services, and accessories. Three businesses: computing hardware and software, mobile devices and the iTunes store.
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At the same time as apple a grasp of consumer demand for products, production of products are impeccable in terms of appearance, beautiful, fashion, contracted, accord with the requirement of the become fashion products, which makes people willing to apple purchased from similar products selected pockets. At the same time, the company product positioning correctly, aiming at characteristics of no public market and consumption object, it is the reason that make apple products have established a good reputation.

current financial threats:
A. The U.S. economic downturn, consumer confidence. The subprime crisis continues to spread to the real economy, Europe and the United States real estate slump; the world lack the support of heart of economic growth in the global economy has a significant cooling. In the dollar remains weak, oil, food and other commodity prices high, under the condition of the excess liquidity problem still exists, global inflation pressures. Therefore national policy focus will shift to control inflation, tight macroeconomic policy will further restrain economic growth. This a series of conditions will further lead to consumer fears, when consumer will consider will affect consumer confidence in the future.
B, in the face of many powerful competitors at the same time. Because apple has products sell like hot cakes in multiple product lines, such as apple, iPhone, this leads to apple will face the competition at the same time more than other companies. In notebook products, for example, to compete with dell, HP, and MP3 market on the Philips, SONY, Samsung, Blackberry mobile phone market, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and other rivals.
C, low cost of high imitation of shanzhai preempt the low-end market. High copy Shanzhai is some informal small manufacturer modeled on the market popular normal appearance and function of the machine to do more similar phones, because the price is much lower than authentic mobile phone, although such manufacturing belong to illegal behavior, but high profit and low price, still can produce a certain market space, like audio and video market piracy, for enterprise to bring huge losses.
D, the imperfection of the supply chain management. Some of the key components of supply capacity is insufficient, precisely to cope with the market demand mutation action "insufficient supply ability of power". For example, apple has repeatedly appeared due to the supplier is not sound spreading custom in time of IC (integrated circuit), and other key parts, lead to can't meet the demand of the market order.
E, and more involved in product variety. Apple from computers to MP3, mobile phone, not only do the hardware, operating systems, and application software are involved, apple shop front is very long, and the correlation between the product is very high, not like Microsoft to specialize in, therefore lead to apple's competitors are also quite a lot, also is facing the big MAC in the industry. Even now, the apple because of...

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