The Success Of Hitler's Domestic Policy

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The Success of Hitler's Domestic Policy

Before they got in to power the nazi party put forward 25 points of
what they intending to do when they were in power.

All the points in the 25-point plan could be dived up into 4 groups.
The first of which is the drive for a single race Germany. Most of the
points that fall in to the section are about the limitation of
citizenship for the Jews. One of the main points was to stop all Jews
from voting. This was a successful policy. It meant that there was
less opposition to any laws that were passed against the Jews.

As well as restricting the vote lot of Hitler's other domestic polices
are based around his hatred for the Jewish race. Some historians have
said that the Jews inhabited Hitler's mind. Hitler saw the Jews as a
source of Germanys economic problems.

This was echoed by the German people's support for anti Semitism view
and policies. This mainly stemmed from the envy of the economic
success of the Jews. This lead to the introduction of laws that
stopped Jews for holding civil service or journalism jobs.

This was a partly successful policy because of the large amount of
civil service jobs that were now vacant it helped in the employment
drive. But these policies had other effects the Jews were now seen as
the enemy by the German people and so were increasing having their
business attacked.

Another main aim of Hitler's domestic policies was on the economic
problem that was facing German at the end of the old government. Karl
Bracher wrote, " at no time did National Socialism develop a
consistent economic or social theory" instead there were a series of
separate ideas that would gain economic stability.

One of Hitler's main aims was to reduce the amount of unemployed in
Germany. He went about this in 2 different ways the first of which was
to increase industrial production and in so creating a lot of new
jobs. This was also good because it helped the German government in
its process of rearmament. It also meant that the party was widening
its support base, as they were primarily socialism party more
industrial workers meant that there were more people supporting them.
As well as an increase in industrial jobs the Reich labour service was
set up.

On the 26th June 1935,a law was passed that stated that all Germans
males between the ages of 17 and 25 years had a compulsory service in
the labour service for six months. The main job of the workers in the
Reich labour service was the construction of the new road networks in
Germany. After this was seen to be successful the Reich labour service
started to perform other tasks such as land reclamation, drainage
projects and soil conservation work.

These policies of compulsory labour service and industrial growth were
very successful. Not only did they achieved their...

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