The Successful Capturing Of Real Life

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The Successful Capturing of Real Life Are you a writer? If so, do you ever have trouble when writing short stories? I have once felt that when writing short stories I have to write about "un-lifelike" situations, using uniquely different characters to fulfill the meaning of writing a "fiction" story. After reading four different short stories by Kate Chopin, William Carlos Williams, Toni Cade Bambera, and James Joyce, I have come to the conclusion that, in the hands of a good fiction writer, "real life" can very successfully be captured within the "art" of the story. I have used the literature aspect of character to prove my point about the four stories I read. I hope you can see just how well a character can bring out the "real life" in a fictional story. I also hope that you will be influenced to create characters that relate to "real life" people in your writings. Do you feel that by using lifelike characters defeat the meaning of fiction? If you do, I can show you otherwise. I have briefly reviewed each of the four fiction stories explaining how "real life" has been captured through the aspect of character within each story.Kate Chopin's, "The Story of an Hour" shows character by revealing Mrs. Mallard's true inner feelings about the death of her husband, while all along she is showing different feeling on the outside. "The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams also describes character by showing how the doctor acts calm and patient in front of his young uncooperative patient and her parents, while he is really having impatient, disturbing thoughts toward the girl. In Toni Cade Bambera's "The Hammer Man", Manny and the girl act as if they cannot stand one another. Both of their true feelings are revealed when they are put in a troubling predicament. In James Joyce's "Araby", a young boy feels that he is deeply in love with a girl that he doesn't even know. When the girl uses him to get what she wants, he realizes that his feelings are not love. He sees that he could not love someone so self-centered; and that it was merely lust. Within each of these four stories the author has captured "real life" by using experiences from their own lives and by showing how one's character may be a battle of appearance vs. reality.Believe it or not, there are "real life" situations that compare to that of the main character in each of these stories. We too may not realize or notice the true feelings of a "real life" character in a particular situation. There really are people who show themselves in a certain perspective, but have true, inner feelings from the opposing perspective. The character's image may have been intended to be fictional; although, it may imitate a real person's image. Chopin's character, Mrs. Mallard, could have been depicted from Chopin's real life, considering that she lost her own husband early in life (Wilson 265). Chopin may or may not have had...

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