The Sufferings Of A Just Man

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In “The reflections on suffering from the book of Job” by Larry J. Waters, we see Job is suffering from all points of view. Reading the book of Job, we examine how Job’s suffering is view by all the characters involve and their effect on Job’s life. In the book of Job Satan and God are what started all this. Then later his wife, his three friends, and Elihu are going to have a say so on how they feel about Jobs suffering. Finally, we get to hear God and his explanation of why he let all this happen.
In the beginning, of the book of Job Satan the accuser begins by challenging God. The reader can see these since for starters God was only going to talk to the heavenly court. Satan appears twice to challenge God at the meeting without being invited. Then God just lets him know to consider Job. One reason that God at the end lets Satan do all this is, because Satan in Job 1:9 says “Yes, but Job has good reason to fear God.” However, the main reason that God allows all this to happen is to show Satan that no matter how hard he tries Job will not denied Him. In the book of Job as Larry, points out we cannot forget that if it were not for God letting Satan put Job in trial none of these things would have ever taken place. Yet, this does not mean that God did not care for Job. God knew how much Job loves him and allowed Satan to test him, so that at the end Job would come closer to him.
After Jobs suffering starts, we meet his wife. Jobs wife might not have such a big role, but her part has a lot to say in just a few words. The only time the reader hears Job’s wife all she says in Job 2:9 “Are you still trying to maintain your integrity? Curse God and die.” In her point of view, she felt that Job had not done something bad, to deserve this punishment and the price that came with it. Never the less Job called her a foolish woman because of what she said. He also lets her know that they should accept the bad and the good from God. Since in Job is mind he is never going to sin against God.
Moving on with of the story, we meet the Eliphaz, Bilbad, and Zophar the supposed counselors. Jobs three friends have supposedly come to counsel Job. What Job does not know is that they are going to be here to judge and accuse him of committing sins. Even though, they seem like they are here to give him a landing hand at the end they are not. As Larry points out in his point of view, “Jobs three counselors perpetuated the same satanic false doctrine of retribution/recompense” as Satan did. Jobs friends make it feel as if the good are never going to suffer while the bad always will.
At first, we meet Eliphaz who accused Job of sinning and told him to repent. In Job 4 Eliphaz said, “When did the innocent ever perish? I heard a voice: 'Can a man be more righteous than God?" Eliphaz is viewing his suffering as a sin to punishment ratio or good deed to reward ratio. In addition, with that in mind he feels that Job must have done something so awful for him to be punished this...

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