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Behind the Screen
Many people of this time have heard of one girl who was being bullied online. Amanda Todd was a seventh grader when it all started. Amanda Todd started talking to this guy on a social media site. The man exhilarated her to flash her breasts over the web. After a whole year, he contacted her again on Facebook and asked for more. This time though she rejected, and he got upset and sent the picture to everyone. The alleged tormentor knew everything including her address, her name, where she went to school, and who her friends and family were. Todd ended up moving schools a few times, but the bullying just followed her and got worse (Puresight). The alleged tormentor who started it all has nothing to worry about. He did it all online, so he got to hide behind a screen and say what he wanted. Even though technology has made it easier to communicate with others, it also has let people hide behind a screen.
As technology increases it makes communicating with people easier. In today’s society people have from Snapchat to Twitter. These are all ways people can make fun of people without saying it to their face. In recent studies, it shows that around half of teens are victims of cyber bullying (Bullyingstatistics). People even get bullied through text messages. Imagine that Ariel’s best friend, Claire, was receiving nasty text messages from a girl at school. The text messages read “Your so ugly”, “You have no friends”, and “You just need to go die!” These are just a few of the ones she was receiving. Claire was hurting and did not know how to handle it. Ariel did not even know anything was going on until after Claire left. Ariel received the worst call anybody could ever receive. She received a call from Claire’s mom asking if she had seen Claire. Ariel tells her that Claire left her house a few hours ago. Ariel now is getting nervy and goes to look for Claire. She starts driving the route Claire drives to get home every day after she leaves Ariel’s house. Ariel reaches the halfway point between her and Claire’s house, when she has to come to a complete stop because there was a line of cars stopped. Ariel starts to look around at her surroundings to figure out what is going on. She notices an ambulance up ahead with its lights flashing. Ariel unbuckles her seatbelt and starts to get even more nervous. She decides to go find out what is going on. She starts to open her car door, when she sees the emergency people pushing a gurney to the ambulance with a person on it. Ariel starts to walk fast towards the accident scene. Finally, she notices that the car in the ditch was Claire’s car. Ariel started to run to the gurney, when she got there she saw her friend. Ariel starts balling and falls to her knees. Later that night, Ariel found out that the accident was Claire trying to commit suicide. Claire was crying and reading the texts from that mean friend, when she decided to jerk the wheel and crash in the ditch. Ariel almost lost her best...

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