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The Sulfur Dioxide In Environment Essay

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The Sulfur Dioxide in Environment
The sulfur dioxide was regarded as the acknowledged toxic gas, and is also one of main factors for acid rain. Due to its severe toxicity, the major pollution incidents have even happened in human beings’ history. During 1st December and 15th December 1930, the toxic gases including the sulfur dioxide caused great loss for Meuse Valley in Belgium. The toxic gases led to thousands of people in the industrial zone of Meuse Valley were catched with respiratory diseases, and “nearly 63 people were dead within a week”. ( Benery B, HoetPH, Nemmar A. 2001) Additionally, many livestocks also could not survived and died of the toxic gases. In the incident, the mixture of SO2 and SO3 were the main dioxide smog. Similarly, during 26th October and 31st October in 1948, the Nonora smog in America was another sever toxic incident. (Lynne Page Snyder, 1994) The results proved that the sulfur dioxide was still the main toxic gas. Therefore, the sulfur dioxide has been proved to be the acknowledged toxic gas.
The sulfur dioxide in environment mainly mainly comes from the direct combustion of fossil fuels including coal, petroleum, and so on. Meanwhile, the combustion of fossil fuels were the main sources of the sulfur dioxide in atmosphere. Generally speaking, the content of sulfur in cola was around 3%~5%. Unde the high temperature, most of the sulfur in fuels would be decomposed through being affected by the heat, and then the sulfur was oxidized to the sulfur dioxide, being released into the atmosphere. Based on data, billion of tones of fossil fuels were consumed in the world every year. These fossil fuels were burnt for electrical energy and heat thermal energy, but the sulfur content was oxidized to the sulfur dioxide and then was released into the atmosphere directly. Additionally, the smog formed by volcanic eruption also contain large quantity of sulfur dioxide which is also one essential factor for the sulfur pollution.
In spite of the fossil fuels, the sulfur dioxide also comes from the factories such as the melting of steel, oil, nonferrous metals. And the production process and process operation can also release certain sulfur dioxide. In daily life, the automobile exhaust also contain certain sulfur dioxide. With the popularization of automobile, the automobile exhaust has been one of main pollution sources for the environment.
The sulfur dioxide has great detriment for plants and human beings. Its toxicity is large and has corrosivity and decomposability. “Sulphur is a highly noxious venom for people's health, although we can be more resistant than other creatures that live with us. For example, the level of 0,3 µg per cubic metre of air implies a potential risk for human health, but for trees, 0,2 µg is extremely dangerous. In 1956, the London smog (caused by sulfuric acid mist) led to more than 4700 deaths. The pollution of sulfur dioxide has direct effect on human beings and animals’ life. When human body...

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