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"The Sun Also Rise"S And "Winter Dreams".

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Twentieth Century TartsIt is inherent - people want what they cannot have, to the point of self-destruction. Brett Ashley wants a man that would never be able to satisfy her. Jake Barnes wants a woman he could never make happy. Dexter Green wants to conquer the unconquerable woman. Judy Jones wants the undivided attention of every eligible man on the east coast. What is it about these people that make them crave the unattainable? What is it about Dexter and Jake that leave them at the mercy of women who could not be "won in the kinetic sense" (Fitzgerald)?There are many similarities between the women and men in Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams" and Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. Both Judy and Brett are very loud and forward; they are certain to make their presence known in a crowd and neither has a problem with overtly pursuing their targets. They never seem to run out of energy when it comes to social functions, and their extravagant social lives tend to intrigue men. Other assets that make Judy and Brett seductive are their good looks as well as their high class standing. Also, both of the women arecodependent and tend to assuage their needs for constant companionship by being promiscuous. This codependency sends them both on conquests for things, mainlymen, that they cannot have and probably do not want. This perpetual want for things that they cannot have results in self-medication and self-destruction.Brett and Judy do have several defining differences between them. Brett is much older and more mature than Judy, and this shows in that she is more compassionate toward her beaux and more conscious of their feelings. She also tends to have more of a social conscience; she is sentient to the fact that people are watching and forming opinions of herself and the men she dates. Brett has also been married at least once, that we know off, and all of her wealth and stature comes from her husband's title. Also, there is no mention of Brett ever having female companionship, which probably fuels her want to be promiscuous.The portrait Fitzgerald paints of Judy is somewhat different. Judy Jones is young, and irresistibly beautiful, but she is a flirt in the worst way, she is a tease. Though she does prefer boys with money, unlike Brett her finances are inherited from her family. She has less awareness for the feelings of others, and treats people as if they were here only for her entertainment. She is far more selfish and self-centered than Brett, but seems to have more friends, even female friends. The female camaraderie for Judy seems to taper off as she gets deeper into her own games. Her betrayal of Irene Scheerer, seducing Dexter out of his engagement to Irene, was just a way for her to assuage her low self-esteem by proving her superiority to other women.Despite the differences between Brett Ashley and Judy Jones, the two women are on similar downward spirals: emotionally, and mentally. In seeking solace from this plummet, rather than change their...

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