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The Sunshine Vitamin Or Vitamin D

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+Vitamin D and hair growth are inextricably linked, according to research. Vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, is composed of a group of fat-soluble compounds that mainly shapes the development and sustenance of bone health. It primarily regulates the gastric absorption of magnesium, calcium, zinc and other minerals that fortify bone density, strength and structure.

+Recent studies have mapped out the connection between vitamin D deficiency and diseases of the skin, heart and premature aging. Said studies similarly reveal vitamin D traits that assist in the hair growth process. They pinpoint related problems such as hair loss and alopecia in children suffering from ...view middle of the document...

But as ozone layer depletion increased the risk of skin cancer and warmed atmosphere temperature by five percent during the past decade, most people would rather stay indoors. Most work has also shifted from the field to indoor jobs, getting people lesser sun exposure than before.

+Deficiency in vitamin D presents a serious health risk. Subtle bone pain and weakness in muscles as well as glucose intolerance can be symptoms of deficiency. Here are the health risks in vitamin D deficiency.

- Cardiovascular disease
- Asthma, especially in children
- Old age cognitive impairment
- Cancer

+Causes of deficiency

Diet. Vegetarian diets that adhere strictly to plant-based food sources lead to depletion of vitamin D in the body. Most natural sources of vitamin D are animal-based.

+Limited exposure to sunlight. Occupations, religious and cultural norms can prevent sunshine from helping you produce vitamin D naturally.

+Gastric absorption disorder. Certain diseases like cystic fibrosis create problems for the intestines in absorbing vitamin D from diet.

+Impaired kidney function. The kidneys are responsible for converting vitamin D to active form, complicating risk of vitamin D deficiency.

+Dark skin. Melanin, the dark skin pigment, weakens the skin’s reaction in the production of vitamin D, causing this deficiency and health risk.

+Sunscreen. Outdoor-loving beach goers, hikers and sun tanners frequent using sunscreen, while protecting skin from harsh UV rays from the sun, prevents vitamin D production.

+Treatment for deficiency

+Diet and supplements are the most basic approach in treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Lack of consensus on required levels of vitamin D for optimal health puts estimate of 20 to 30 nanograms per milliliter vitamin D bas adequate. To avoid risk factors, ask your doctor about vitamin D supplementation.

+Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be consumed from food sources and supplements. Moreover, our body produces vitamin D photochemically in the skin in the form of vitamin D3 with plenty of exposure to the sun. Exposure to sunshine for 30 minutes provides about 10000 IU or more vitamin D3.

+If you got less time to spare for a limited sun exposure, be sure to go for vitamin D rich food. They include plants, seafood and dairy such as mushroom, eggs,...

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