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The Superiority Of Year Round Schooling Essay

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The year-round school calendar typically includes the same amount of instruction days as a traditional school calendar but it breaks the instruction and vacation time into shorter blocks. The most common year-round calendar is the 60/20 calendar which consists of 60 instruction days followed by 20 vacation days. ("Year-Round Education Program Guide.") School calendars vary from state to state because the setting of the school calendar is a right of the state due to the tenth amendment which states that the powers that are not delegated to the U.S. federal government are the State’s powers. So, since there is no direct reference to education in the Constitution, education is the State’s ...view middle of the document...

(McMillen) Thus, the multitrack system supports that year-round schooling combats overcrowding issues.
The traditional summer break is around two to three months long. This long length of time without school leads to students forgetting a lot of material from the previous school year so the next school year begins with a significant amount of time being spent on review of material from the previous school year rather than the new material that must be covered. A meta-analysis of 39 studies of the effects of summer vacation concluded that summer learning loss equals about a month of instruction time loss. A year-round calendar divides the traditional large summer vacation up into smaller vacations throughout the school year. This is important because students learn best when they are given continuous instruction. (Cooper) The year-round schools may have higher student achievement like higher test scores because learning loss will be less over breaks because the students will not be in school for a shorter length of time. Year-round schools may also have higher test scores because struggling students do not have to wait until the summer for help if remedial classes are made available during the breaks throughout the school year. (Cooper)
The year-round calendar can cause parents and teachers to be more satisfied with the school. The shorter breaks in the school year will help parents to be more aware of the expectations of their child’s school and, thus, the year-round calendar leads to more effective communication between the parents and the teachers and thus a greater monitoring of the student’s learning. (O’Sullivan) The greater monitoring of the student’s learning and knowledge of the school’s expectations leads to parents and teachers being able to work together more efficiently and thus the parents will have greater satisfaction with the school. Teachers will have a greater satisfaction with a year-round school because the shorter and more frequent breaks can help to prevent teachers from having burnout. (Cooper) Another benefit of year-round schooling is that teachers in multitrack schools could have the option of substitute teaching during their break which would lead to the teacher having the option of supplementing their income with the money from substitute teaching. (Cooper) Teachers being able to substitute teach during their break could also lead to classes being taught rather than babysat while their full-time teacher...

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