The Supernatural In Beowulf And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight British Literature Essay

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Title: The supernatural in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the green knight
The comparison is of two stories that have the theme of supernatural. Supernatural is the fact of attributing some force beyond scientific knowledge or something that is beyond the law of nature. One story is of Beowulf and the other is about Sir Gawain and the green knight. There is a presence of warrior who helps out in both the stories. (Black 22)
Beowulf is a story that concentrates on three battles as a whole. It is a poem where there is a character by the name Beowulf, who is a warrior from Geat, Beowulf comes to rescue Hrothgar, the king of the Danes when his land was under attack by a monster. The monster was known as Grendel. Finally, in the long run, Beowulf manages to defeat Grendel.
The king of Denmark, Hrothgar built a great mead-hall for his warriors to gather and take some drinks, to receive gifts from the lord and also to chat with friends. The hall was called Heorot. There is a monster living in the swamplands of the Hrothgar kingdom who is angered by the noise of his warriors that is jubilant. Every night Grendel visits and kills the warriors and making them weak so they cannot defeat him. (Gummere 133) They suffered for quite a while at the hands of Grendel and they constantly developed fear due to the danger they faced and numerous killings. To their rescue there came a young warrior by the name Beowulf who heard of their plight. Beowulf does this in return for a favor the Hrothgar had done to his father.
Beowulf father accepts the fight and holds a fist for the honor of the hero. Beowulf shows confidence during the feast and it last till late in the night. Grendel comes as always and Beowulf fights him, and he does this unarmed proving his superiority. Beowulf tears the Grendel’s arm and this leaves the monster wounded, finally slinks back to the swamp and finally dies. The arm is hung in the mead-hall as a trophy of victory.
The theme of supernatural clearly is seen in Beowulf, though the theme though is in some way odd. In the story there are two demons, that is Grendel and the mother to Grendel. There is also the presence of other monsters in the story. In the story, there are the dragons that must be fought by Beowulf, the various creatures in the lake. The monsters are in the poem on so many occasions. The people in the king’s court think of the Green Knight as a creature that is magical. This is explained by the fact that his entire body is covered in green. (Ryall, et al. 111)
The poet used a strong Christian setting of the paper. Beowulf mixes the theme of supernatural with the theme of religion to depict the evil in search a way that is strange but also interesting in a way. Monsters in a way are the descendants of Cain according to the biblical view. There is the presence of a monster that lives in the swamps and from the characteristics the monster is nothing near the normal human being. The monster constantly kills people from...

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