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The Surefire Solution To A Drawn Out Problem

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Most of the time when people get a female dog or cat, they think of the profit they can make from breeding the animal but what they don’t take into consideration is all the harm that breeding a pet can cause. About 2.7 million healthy adoptable cats and dogs are destroyed every year at shelters in the United States due to overpopulation. About 60 percent of these pets are offspring of household pets and their fatality could have been prevented by the simple procedure of pet sterilization. As a volunteer of the Miami Dade animal services, I can speak from experience that people who refuse to spay or neuter their pet are contributing to the torture of unwanted strays, costs of euthanasia on the public, and contribute to the unnecessary pet overpopulation.
People who don’t have much interest with what goes on in the pet community might think they play no part in this dilemma, but this has an impact on them also, or more precisely, their pocket. Costs of anything public like animal shelters use civilian tax dollars to survive. These tax dollars are used to feed the unwanted pets, shelter them, and maybe with the little they get, help pay medical expenses. The dark side to this is the money that goes into taking the lives of these abandoned pets. With the large amounts of dogs and cats people bring in everyday, the animals easily get sick or the most common outcome, overpopulated. As a result of the overpopulation, shelters have to reduce numbers and they take out the most sick cat or dog since there aren’t any people who want to take in a sickly looking dog or cat. How would you feel if after paying a sum of taxes for that sick dog or cat’s food, they just end up being put down? It’s just money gone down the drain. A chain of this money waste can be removed by removing the ignorance in people who think neutering their dog will remove his “manliness”.
A major contribute to the stray cat overpopulation are people who have an unaltered pet cat and allow the feline to freely roam around the neighborhood. The cat ends up impregnating all the neighboring cats or getting pregnant herself if female. The irresponsible owner will typically decide not to look after the kittens and the cat will end up having them a few blocks away, where the cats will grow and reproduce again and again. A female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats. That leaves an outstanding high number of homeless cats in the community of people who will most certainly complain about the yowling of fighting and mating cats....

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