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The Surfer English Creative Story

1260 words - 6 pages

As I stand, my feet submerged by the sea, two black tanks on my back the weight pushing my feet further into the soft sand, the neoprene trapping my skin, I can feel a figure besides me, they do not cast a shadow but there presence can be felt. The water is now at my waist, and the figure now feels ahead of me, but still they can’t be seen. The cries from the children as they complain about the sand in their eyes, the screams from the lifeguards as they bark orders at those who will not listen, the splashing from people playing in the sea can’t be heard, only the rising and falling of the waves against my waist. Now the sea has wrapped itself around my. The figure, now gone, I submerge my head and free myself from the stress of the above world.

The tug of the sea pulls me further and further away from shore. As I open my eyes, I see a underwater city of colour and life below me, above surfers patiently wait for the perfect wave. As I descend, the colour from the coral becomes more vibrant, the fish in abundance swim in peace with each other, sheltered by their homes. I swim through this thriving city, no one seems to fear me as I would expect, instead fish as if they were blind bump into me. But this city is not infinite and I reach the end, now their is no colour, nothing which represents life, only this eerie feeling of death. Now a shadow is cast above me, so broad I am unable to see its end. Now I am able to see what is casting the shadow, I can see a once grand ship coming into view. As reach the bow of the ship I can see how vast and just how grand it really is. The hull, meant to be strong and protective, now fragile, rusted and useless. I stretch out my hand to touch the magnificent wreck, its scraps against my hands like sandpaper and screeching like chalk on a blackboard. As I glide, my hand still out stretched towards the wreck I reach a gash across the hull of the wreck. As the wound in the wreck becomes clearer I become intrigued about the stories this ship holds. The opening is large enough for me to fit through, intrigued by the beauty of the wreck I decided to continue my adventure deeper into the wreck.

Dark, eerie and mysterious is how I would describe the inside of this ship. The floor was littered with debris and sand, what could have been a chair is now home to a rather unfriendly looking crab, and seaweed as dead as this ship, lining the walls. I continued exploring deeper and deeper within the wreck, seeing endless destruction which would of devastated so many. Although the destruction was evident wherever you looked, I reached a room in almost pristine condition. Puzzled by this strange find, I ‘m very uneasy and mildly frightened of what that room may contain. However the thrill of adventure drives me into the room. The door is missing, but I assume it is in the pile of rotten, broken furniture at the end of the corridor.
As I enter the enigmatic room, I feel like I’ve stepped out from black and white film into a...

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