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The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us By Daniel H. Pink

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Psychology test do not have to be a stressful thing; test scores can go up with just a few changes by the professor. In Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel H. Pink explains that Motivation 3.0 Autonomy is giving a person the freedom to do things in their own way which produces better result because Motivation 3.0 “presumes that people want to be accountable-and making sure they have control over their task, their time, their technique, and their team in the most effective pathway to the destination” (105). Psychology professors should consider giving their students more autonomy with regards to test taking so that the students can choose the method that best fits their learning style. Professors can do this by giving the students options on what style of test they want, where they would like to take it, and how long would best fit them.
By giving students the ability to choose the technique in which they take their tests, professors are giving them more confidence which increases productivity. A vast majority of professors use short and/or long answer test; however, this can be damaging too many of their students’ scores. Pink gives the example of Zappos founder Tony Hsieh who gives his employees the autonomy to work without scripts, monitoring, or timing (101). The problem with how professors are giving test is that not all students can work to their best ability in short and/or long answer test. Pinks concept is to give people the ability to choose the method that best fits them so they can produce their best results. For example, Student 1 has the best result on tests when they are multiple choice; however, student 2 has the best result when the test are oral. Professors do not want their students to fail, so by making these changes they are increasing test scores and confidence. Giving autonomy in the technique professors are giving students the tools they need to succeed.
While giving students the autonomy to choose their technique is important, it is just as imperative that professors give students autonomy on choosing an environment in which they work best, R.O.W.E-Results only work environment. Pink states that “They just have to get their work done. How they do it, when they do it, and where they do it is up to them” (84). Currently most students go to class on test days and take their test; the problem with giving test in a classroom setting is that some students have test anxiety and cannot function properly in that environment. Pinks concept of R.O.W.E is to give people control on where they feel they do their best work. For example, a professor hands out the test and then say that they have till the next class period to turn it in. This gives the student the ability to choose if they would like to stay and do the test in the classroom, go outside, or even take it home. By giving the student the option to do the test where ever they feel most comfortable professors are lowering students test anxiety and...

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