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The Survival Of A Nation Essay

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Humans often make goals to reach an exhilarated state. When a goal becomes too hard to obtain and when too many people fail to reach this goal, society digresses. The American Dream is the national ethos of the United States that was created in 1931. It is a set of principles in which prosperity and success can be achieved through hard work and the right ethics. However, over the years, the “car has stopped.” This so-called “dream” is running low and slowly turning into a fantasy. With the exploitation of an over-powering government and the reforms of education heading in the wrong direction, the American Dream is running low and is on its way to extinction.
The manipulation of the over-powering, federal government has sent our country on the wrong path and has set our country up to fail unintentionally. The national government is shutting down because of the executive branch’s failure to discuss issues and policies with the opposing party, which holds ...view middle of the document...

The government is supposed to promote success and give every American the ability to achieve the American Dream. The over-powering government makes it nearly impossible to achieve the dream with all of these obstacles getting in our way. With unemployment high, underemployment even higher, and the gas prices still rising, American are finding it tougher and tougher to survive comfortably and reach that dream. The over-powering government is controlling citizens the wrong way and making the environment harder and harder for the citizens to reach and obtain the American Dream.
In addition to the over-powering of the government, education reforms are headed in the wrong direction and causing the American Dream to become nonexistent. In order for people to reach the dream, they must be smart, work hard, and go to school. However school prices are rising, causing people to quit school and enter the workforce. The rising cost for a college education continues to outpace families’ earnings. “That’s been a conscious effort to keep tuition down,” said local colleges. College went on to say that the rising health care and pension expansions make it difficult to keep the costs down. Kids need to be able to attend school in order to reach the dream. The average salary earnings of a high school grad is 30,000 thousand dollars while that of a college grad is 45,000 dollars. Lowering costs of a college education would lead to an uprising of more college graduates. This will lead to more pay to more people, which will provide more people the ability to reach the American Dream. The drastic incline of educational reforms have lead to more kids not attending school and making the American Dream less achievable.
In Conclusion, the American Dream is the national ethos of our nation. Everyone strives for this ideal in order to reach happiness. However this cannot be done unless one works hard and one is smart with choices they are given. Over the past decade, the American Dream is becoming harder and harder to reach due to the over-powering of the government and the constant downhill, educational reform. These two key attributes are very important and are what keeps our country moving. These elements must be revamped in order for America to refuel and achieve the American Dream.

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