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Asterod was the son of Philrod the Brave. With brown hair that fell just to his shoulders, beautiful brown eyes, and a smile that made all the girls giggle, he was considered quite handsome. He was very strong, and when it came to being a soldier, he excelled in all areas, but how he survived the War of the Clans is unknown to everyone except he and I. Who am I? I am Destine of the Figon clan, and I am here to tell the story of how Asterod survived the War of the Clans.

First of all, the War of the Clans was a great battle started by the Juliaad clan. They craved power and they felt they needed to rule over all the other clans. The clans had already fought the Juliaads once, and now they were coming back stronger than ever. Gadaria was their next target.

Gadaria is a place of peace. With rivers flowing and flowers blooming it is, by far, more beautiful than any of the other clan's land.

"Asterod my son, there is a great war coming. I can feel it. We all can." Philrod the brave told his son. They were sitting inside their dwelling, a smaller version of log house. It was cozy and warm in the winter. Although, Gadaria didn't have a long winter, only about one month, it got very cold. Asterod, a sixteen year old troublemaker, could feel it as well. He knew he would have to fight soon, and he'd been training since he could walk.

"I understand, father." He looked at his father who was getting older. His dark brown hair had started to whiten and his beard as well. He was not as strong as he once was, but he was still braver than anyone in the clan. He had deep blue eyes and his smile hadn't changed a bit. It was apparent who Asterod got his looks from.

"Gadaria will fall," he said quietly, "We are not as strong as we once were."

"No! Father, we will not fall! We can't!" Asterod yelled. The sixteen year old started shaking at the thought of losing everyone he loved, and even the thought of dying.

"We will fall." he sighed and shook his head.

"I will train harder and more than I did before to make sure Gadaria does not fall!"

"We have defeated them once! We do not stand a chance!"

He rolled his eyes and stalked off determined to defeat the Juliaads.

Asterod trained harder than any of the other Gadarian boys. He was determined to make sure Gadaria was not defeated in the...

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