The Sushi Law Essay

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The Sushi Law

"Do not do what you would undo if caught" ~ Leah Arendt ~ Why is it a
home buyer has so few options against a home seller when it is believed the
home was fraudulently and intentionally misrepresented? Is it because,
"Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty." ~ Plato ~

There should be a new law to protect the home buyers interests. As in the
auto industry the "Lemon Law" was created to protect auto buyers. So
should there be a law to protect vulnerable and innocent home buyers. The
"Lemon Law" in summary is defined, "The manufacturer, not the dealer, takes
care of the defects (State Lemon Law). In my proposed law, the seller, not
the buyer, would take care of intentional disclosures of defects. A solution
that would protect the home buyer from bogus acts and dishonesty a "raw
deal" when buying a home. A law and order that would make the seller
responsible for what is proven to be fraudulent and dishonest
misrepresentations. There should be a developed and implemented policy
created that would define the responsibility for; detection, investigation, and
reporting of dishonest and fraudulent activity and would outline specific
instructions regarding what should be done when fraud is suspected. I am
proposing the "Sushi Law".

At a home I once previewed I found a large entertainment center in the master
bedroom covering two thirds of a wall. It struck me as odd at the time. Why
would this massive piece of furniture be in a bedroom? As I turned to leave
the room something caught my eye. I saw what looked like textured paint on
the wall. Upon closer examination I realized it was paint that had tiny cracks
over various portions of the wall and in places the paint was curling at the
cracks. I concluded the problem was possibly from previous water damage.
I didn't say anything, but most importantly, neither did the seller. Sellers who
try to cover up major problems, defects and flaws in the home by
intentionally using large items, such as furniture are dishonest and fraudulent
practices. The buyers recourse could be my proposal: The "Sushi Law".

Gary Reeser, inspector with G.A.R. Home Inspection told me about a sellers
home he had inspected for a client. As he was inspecting the home for the
buyer he went past the kitchen and noticed the seller emptying the
dishwasher. He said he didn't think anything about it either, at the time, until
he went to inspect the appliances in the kitchen and the dishwasher didn't
work. When he questioned the sellers about the dishwasher not working they
had told him they only store dishes in it, because it didn't work. Gary felt if
he had not inspected the appliance, because the impression was given the
appliance worked, the buyer would have had a "raw deal". He felt the buyer
would have been stuck with either fixing the appliance or replacing it all
together once the defect was discovered, after the deal was...

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