The Swallows Of Kabul Is Inequality By Yasmina Khadra

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Behind the Burqa
A social issue that is raised in the book, The Swallows of Kabul is inequality. It is defined as the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; or disparity. In the book, gender inequality is well demonstrated as a social issue as there are many restrictions towards women. The book is set in Kabul, Afghanistan under the Taliban rule during 1996 to 2001 and follows the lives of two very different couples. Gender Inequality is defined as the unequal treatment or perception of individuals based on their gender. It is a worldwide issue that continues to occur resulting in the mistreatment of others, discrimination, lack of respect, and so on. Gender inequality exists due to ...view middle of the document...

" (Khadra, 14)
This shows the effect men have in controlling the particular situation. As the crowd puts a female to death, dominated by men, there is a lack of basic rights for women. The women in Therefore these two examples show the result of male dominance in a society where gender inequality exists.
Secondly, the issue of biological hormones results from gender inequality in that gender is shaped by social behaviour. In other words, men are treated differently than women because of their biology, given the fact that only a woman can give birth to a child. Unfortunately, the gender inequality that exists in this culture or society looks upon women as a piece of property and denies women civil rights.
"Can there be any greater generosity to a woman than to offer her a roof, protection, honor, and a name? You don't owe her anything. She's the one who should bow down before you, Atiq, and kiss the toes of your feet, one by one, every time you take off your shoes. She has little significance outside of what you represent for her. She's only a subordinate. Furthermore, it's an error to believe that any man owes anything at all to a woman. The misfortune of the world comes from precisely that misconception." (Khadra, 27)
The effect of this outlook towards women leads to degradation and humiliation resulting in women feeling ashamed, or self-conscious. Moreover, an example of this is when Musarrat describes her hardship and that which she is facing;
"Humiliation isn't necessarily caused by what others think about you. Sometimes it comes from not being responsible for yourself." (Khadra, 53)
This quote shows how she is feeling hatred towards herself, and not feeling self confident or self worthy. Also, it shows how she is too hard on herself. These are just some of the effects of what biology/hormones has on one's way of thinking of oneself. Therefore, these are evidence to support the effect of biological hormones. By showing the cause and effect regarding hormones, you can see why and how some act towards women. The way society acts towards women also has to do with their level of intelligence and their values or morals.
Finally, a lack of education...

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