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The Swedish Constitution Essay

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Similar to most democratic countries the Swedish Constitution acts as a framework for the Swedish government. The Constitution is built upon four fundamental laws. These are; The Instrument of Government, the Act of Succession, the Freedom of the Press Act and the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression. There is also the Riksdag Act; however it is classified among being a fundamental law and an ordinary law. Throughout this paper I will analyze these five fundamental laws and show what use these laws have throughout the Swedish society.
The Instrument of Government
Documented rules on how Sweden should be rules have existed since the 1300s. However it wasn’t until the mid-1630s when the ...view middle of the document...

(The Constitution of Sweden)

Act of Succession
The Act of Succession was instigated into the Swedish constitution in 1810. The Act of Succession decides witch descendants of the King should be succeeded to rule the throne. (The Constitution of Sweden)Throughout Sweden’s history it was only male descendants who were able to rule the throne females could only rule the throne if there were no male descendants. It wasn’t until the 1979 when it was decided that male and female inheritors would have equal rights to the throne and that a female could become Queen. The Act of Succession does not affect Society at all as the law is directed towards the Swedish royal family and not towards the citizens of Sweden.

The Freedom of the Press Act
The Freedom of the Press Act was introduced into the Swedish constitution in 1766 and it gives all citizens of Sweden the right to express their opinions and views without prior censorship. An example of this is that one could publish a newspaper without the content of the newspaper being monitored in advance by the Authorities. The Freedom of the Press Act also gives an individual the right to free access of official government documents. This means that one could go to the authorities and ask for a document without needing to state the purpose or ones name. It is actually a punishable offence for someone like an agency to find out who leaked some information to the media. (Sveriges Riksdag, 2012) We see The Freedom of the Press Act used every day in society as the media may express their views without the fear of any punishment. It has actually become rare to find a political article that doesn’t criticize the Swedish Government. This freedom opens up multiple opportunities for the people of Sweden to become more involved with their government and enables everyone to share their opinion.
Freedom of Expression
The fundamental law to Freedom of Expression is the newest fundamental law in the constitution as it entered the constitution in...

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