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The Swedish Culture And Economy Essay

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Ciccone I

There is more to Sweden than you think. Over the past centuries, Sweden has formed, flourished, and grown in many ways. For example, Sweden was nothing more than a large peninsula, and now, it has some of the most prosperous economies in the world. This report will cover everything from geography to government, culture to economy, and an abbreviated history of Sweden.

First, let us start off with the physical geography of Sweden. The terrain in Sweden is mainly flat or rolling hills. However, most of Sweden’s mountains are located on the western half. Some of ...view middle of the document...

If necessary, the people of Sweden can depend on their generous social welfare system to provide health care, an education and retirement benefits, although this is very uncommon. Schools in Sweden are much more strict than in the United States. Things such as tardy slips and hall passes are not used. Therefore, they cannot leave the classroom, and cannot be late for class, and if they break one of the rules, they are punished more severely. (Country Reports)

After that comes the Swedish greetings. Usually in Sweden, when people meet, they greet each other with a handshake. However, in rural areas, handshakes are less common. Also, people in Sweden are usually addressed by their first name. Only in very formal situations will someone be addressed by their titles (sir, Mr., MS, Mrs, etc…). (CultureGrams)

Next comes the fascinating topic of the Swedish religion. Sweden’s main type of religion today is Lutheran, but there is a large amount of other minority religions as well. The state of Sweden and the people do not favor the Church of Sweden (the most common church in Sweden) at the expense of other religious groups in any noticeable way. Sweden has embraced the minority religions not just by saying it, but by showing it as well. An example would be that in Swedish schools, students from minority religions are able to take off days, due to their religious holidays, without being marked absent. Also, ...

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