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The Sweet Sound Of Elvis Essay

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It was a muggy Sunday morning; I walked out of my bedroom and smelled the thick aroma of pancakes cooking. In the distance I heard the radio going but just pushed it aside like it was nothing. My mom was singing when I got into the kitchen, singing along with a man named Elvis. At the time I had no idea who this crazy man was and why he sounded so interesting. I remember that day like it was yesterday, she was so happy and cheerful nothing could bring her down. I saw how that music mad her and how it changed her attitude towards life and music. My mom said that she liked the different types of music that he combined together, to make the unique melody that everyone fell in live with. My moms interest soon became mine, starting to incorporate music into my everyday life. I stared to listen to new music that no one else was familiar with because it might have been just a little bit out of the normal range in some people’s views, but I loved it. But nothing compares to the sweet sound of Elvis Presley.
I can relate to the fact that Elvis was a person that didn’t grow up wealthy and didn’t have all the things he wanted but no one can compare to the fact that he was a well respected musician from the 1950s. He influenced so many people with the new types of music that blew over the world. Elvis struggled with school and friends just like any other teenage kid. He struggled with how people looked at him because he wanted to be different. But that all paid off in the end. All of these factors is what made Elvis a strong, hard headed man that the world has come to love and idol for many years to come.
I have a gist idea about Elvis but I want to understand him on a deeper level. There are many things that are unknown to me that I want to learn about. How did he get started with his music career? Was it just an accident or was it something that he set out to find? When did he decide music is what he wanted in life? There are so many events that could have changed Elvis’s perspective on music, life and what he wanted to be.
On deeper scale learning from what Elvis did during his life will teach others that it is okay to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. I want to know how it affected him when producers denied him. How he felt with people reacted to his music. Elvis was a man that didn’t really show his feelings, so I want to dig down deep to understand and analysis the aspects of his life and what factors made him into one of the most influential human beings in music history still known today.
Part III
I started searching for an Elvis Presley article on Google and I came across the rolling stones web site that had a section about Elvis. The article didn’t have any information that I really wanted to incorporate into my paper but I came across a few facts that were interesting, David Dalton the writer of the rolling stones article about Elvis said that “Elvis was supernatural, his own resurrection.”(Dalton, 1)...

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