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I developed a dislike for my father from the age of three. When people ask me how a three year old could muster such feelings, I would remember the gruff giant who growled at me for leaving my crayons and markers on the carpet. I would remember the iron hand that sliced the air in a microsecond and found rest on my behind. I would hear his enormous steps coming up the stairs, the ones that sent seismic waves through the wooden floors and made me breathe uneasily. I would see all those deep furrows, trenches and crevices that cut deep across his dark face, along his forehead and along the sides of his hollow cheeks. Those fiery eyes would stare back at me as I travelled deeper in thought and then I would hear my father's voice as it boomed and roared. Only my desperate apologies could return it to its monotonous drawl.Someone notices my 'fifty-mile' stare and they ask me again "Did you hear me, how could a three year old dislike her father?" "Do I really need to answer?" I would think.When I just turned five, it was my father who decided that I should start sleeping by myself. My mommy was the one who would sit on the edge of my bed and saw to it that I was deep in the world of dreams before she retired for the night. My father was nowhere to be found. The prospect of falling asleep on my own hit me like the heat from a blast furnace for the dark haunted me. Slithery creatures with long talons and pointy teeth appeared as lead stars in my dreary thoughts. I had this idea that if I was left alone they would slither out of every drawer and closet in search of their producer.It was my bedtime. I stared at my mommy in search of some form of pity but I could only see my father seated beside her from the corner of my left eye. His corrosive eyes were fixed on me, searching for signs of disrespect. I turned and walked to my bedroom door with bowed head, like a prisoner to the gallows and stopped directly in front of my doorway. I had become a mannequin. The only difference was that I was not promoting sports wear, but an entirely new design entitled fear. The tenebrous world before me brought tears to my eyes, each drop fighting with the other to escape, resulting in a mad rush down my face. "You scared the dark eh?!" I wasn't sure whether he was asking me a question or accusing me of something terribly wrong, maybe it was both. "You scared something so normal, so natural eh?""Wasn't it a normal fear?" My father apparently could not remember his childhood or did not care to. In his state of amnesia or denial, he continued "I don't want any coward in this house you know!" His voice had become the familiar booming growl and the threat of the iron hand was clearer than a cloudless sky. I still could not move and simply reduced myself to loud continuous sobs.In the end I sunk my washed out face into the heart of my pillow and wrapped myself from my forehead to the tips of my toes with my dinosaur sheets. The iron hand had branded my right shoulder and the...

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