The Swimmers Moment Essay

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A Whirlpool Of Knowledge Each day all of us must take risks, but the risks we take are apart of our everyday life. We may not even realize that what we are doing is a risk, we just do it. Throughout life we all must make the decision to take risks. Those of us who take the risks and survive we gain the knowledge that those that haven't taken the risks do not have. The knowledge we gain all come from experiences we have, whether or not we succeed or fail. In the poem "The Swimmers Moment" the author, Margaret Avision, is trying to get us, the reader, to experience the feeling of taking a risk or not taking one. Many people will not say, "This is the whirlpool" when the time comes to face the risks. Many of us will simply turn away, and we will never gain the knowledge that others will have. Those who do not take the risks will only be envious of those who did take it. With success or failure the narrowness that we had before is no longer there. If ever the whirlpool consumes us, we in turn consume the knowledge. So in actual fact you have beaten the 'whirlpool,' even if it has beaten us. All of us at some point in our lives must make the decision to leave home. For me personally it is going to be one of the biggest risks ever in my life. Leaving home is going to be one of the most difficult choices I am going to make. I could lose all the security that I have grown to know. Also I will be faced with making decision on my own. In the end the choices I make may not be the best, but I will have gained the knowledge...

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