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The Swimming Pool Essay

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In the middle of summer the heat was so miserable that our family had decided to go and cool off at the local swimming pool. It was so hot that day, when you stepped outside you instantly felt the heat and started to drip sweat. The sun was so hot you could feel the heat on your skin trying to turn it red. When we got to the swimming pool you could hear the children laughing and splashing in the water. You could smell the chlorine in the water from the parking lot. Walking up to the red brick building with the tall fence surrounding the swimming pool, we hurried to get inside. Once inside we had to adjust our eyes because of the glare off of the water from the bright hot sun. We quickly found our spot next to a white worn out lawn chair. Looking out at the pool the water looked almost as blue as the sky that day scattered with many unnoticeable heads inside of it. The pool was divided into sections at the front of the pool on each side there were white ropes with blue floats attached to them separating the two feet water from the three feet. At the middle of the pool on the right side there was a short bluish green slide for the shallow end of the pool and another bigger gray slide with water rushing down it for the middle part of the pool. There was also another rope divider that separated the deep end from the five feet water. At the end of the pool there were three diving boards two small and one high dive. You could see all the children splashing and playing in the water while the other kids were waiting patiently to get their turn on the diving boards and the slides. There were a few people lying in the white lawn chairs trying to soak up some of the sunrays. We made sure to put on some sun block so that we wouldn’t pay for our day in the sun later. Wiping on the sticky white sun block with its potent bitter smell was a task making sure that we didn’t leave any unprotected skin that the sun could get to. Walking up to the water with...

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