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The Swoosh Will Get To You

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When it comes to sports brands there is always a huge disagreement on which brand is the better brand. People say Under Armour is the top sports brand selling the best of the best to young people all over the nation. Then there is Nike, which is where greatness was built up and sold to youngsters everywhere, making them very happy people. This big argument over which is better has been going on, ever since the competition between the two has heated up to make better products than the other. Nike has the title of being the number one sports brand, but Under Armour is making a huge effort to reach the significant goal that Plank the CEO has set for the company.
Nike knows how the game is played they have been a large competitor in the market for a long time. Where as Under Armour began its business in the late 90’s, coming into the game with little resources under a significant goal to make. As the CEO and founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank says, “Boy there’s a lot of talk out there.” He was talking about a large tweet that had been going around saying that Under Armour was going to sell to Nike. According to Daniel Roberts a reporter at Cable News Network (CNN) that the enormous $21-billion-in-sales Nike, was going to buy the $1.4 billion lower competitor Under Armour. Now just look at those numbers for a second and ask yourself, which company looks more successful. Nike has the potential to wipe Under Armour off the face of the market; Nike has also spread to a variety packed market.
Nike has found a way to make smart phones work with a bracelet to track all of your physical activity each and every day. Now that is sweet, not is Nike making great sporting and everyday clothes, but they now have found a way to make your phone useful during your physical activity. Then you have Under Armour which decides to make something to match the Nike Fuel band with the Under Armour, Armour 39 strap which does all the same things just with a different name and a different way of measuring. This just goes to show that after all the money Under Armour put into those straps to get them on the market they still haven’t created anything out of this world. Therefore I must say that Nike has done it again.
Now there is one huge thing that Nike is known for and Under Armour still has been able to live up to yet. That is the amazing shoes that Nike puts out on the market. Nike not only makes great shoes, but they also have this thing called Nike ID on their website which allows you to personally customize the shoes that you want to your own personal liking. I have not yet saw Under Armour make this possible on their shoes, which really leaves them behind in Nike’s dust. I find the...

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