The Symbolism Of The Stone Angel And Hagar

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The stone angel is a symbolism for Hagar Shipley in the form of her character, and the way she displays no emotions, similar to a stone angel. Also, the position of the angel in the cemetery reveals Hagar’s high self-esteem and pride by the towering position of the angel overlooking the town. Moreover, the stone angel’s features represent Hagar in other ways; they include the missing eyes, the hardness of her personality, and Hagar’s lack of motherly affection for her first born child. The symbolism of the stone angel and Hagar Shipley are equivalent by the features they share, and how the angel is a representation of her life.
The heart of stone that Hagar Shipley shows towards her family is symbolic of the stone angel. Her first son who she never really loved, Marvin was ignored by Hagar and found comfort from her husband. Instead, she gave all her love to the second child John ignoring her husband at the same time. Moreover, the lack of love Hagar showed to her father and brothers demonstrates that she has a heart of stone and shows no love to all the people in her life. Besides, when John passed away Hagar did not cry for him, which demonstrates that the stone angel would have to show no love or remorse for anything in life. When Hagar’s brother passed away when she was a teenager, she could barely comfort him in his dying moments and could not pretend to be the mother he was longing for. Instead, the older brother took the role of a mother and comforted him with the mother’s old sweater until he passed away. Therefore, these moments in Hagar’s life represent the stone heart she possesses.
This lack of love Hagar has towards her family indicates her blindness to her life, which can be symbolized with the eyeless stone angel. In other words, the stone angel with no eyes shows how blind Hagar is from love and happiness. As stated above, the first thing Hagar was blind to was the love and dedication that her first son Marvin gave to her. Hagar never got along with him when he was young. Nonetheless, in her old age he was the one that looked after her and even put up with severe abuse from her. Second, Hagar was blind to her husband and life in Manawaka. Besides that, Hagar was too worried about what others thought of her and her family. This eventually led Hagar to leave her husband with John after she was penniless and embarrassed by her situation. Tragically, Hagar did not see how she acted to the people in her life until her final moments when she gave Doris a hard time about passing her water and looking after her.
In consequence, this lack of love Hagar has led her to feel nothing about others around her. For instance, when her father passed away, she lacked any emotions and did not go to the...

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