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The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Bipolar disorder, which is also called manic-depression, is a term used to define forms of irregular and intense mood swings that can make someone be depressed one day and a complete maniac the next. Unlike other medical conditions, bipolar disorder does not only affect one’s life, but it can also have an impact on other individuals. The extreme mood swings can have a major consequence on someone’s social life and cause one to fail in his or her career or education. Even though bipolar is not the immense discussion in medical disorders; it is still a dangerous condition that affects a multitude of individuals in the world. Many suffer severe symptoms and dangers but they can still live a ...view middle of the document...

During the depression phase, many have unusual eating and sleeping habits. They are both decreased and unlike the maniac phase, someone with bipolar disorder has absolutely no energy. Random aches and pains also occur during this phase and have no traceable origin. Loneliness is a huge issue with depression. One will begin to unexpectedly ignore important people in his or hers life and refuse to spend time with them. This can cause others to not want to be around the individual that is bipolar and can ruin many relationships. The lack of energy can enhance the laziness of someone. Careers and education can fail from being depressed because of the absence of effort and desire. Atkins says, “ A depressed person will ruminate about everything wrong they’ve ever done. Their self-esteem is at rock bottom, and they can feel worthless” (Atkins 12). The switch between the maniac phase and depression phase can act fast and there are few warnings of when the phases change.
The phases in bipolar disorder are similar for all people but there are also differences. The actions between men, women, and children can be dissimilar. Usually the effects of each phase are similar but not frequency of each phase. Men have mania more often than depression, yet women have depression more often than mania. Bipolar disorder for children can be extremely dangerous. Children are not nearly as mature as adults and sometimes do not know

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better in the actions they do. Children have very large imaginations and with bipolar disorder in the mix children tend to try to achieve what they imagine. Education is also very significant in a
child’s life and being bipolar can have a tremendous effect on how that child’s schooling ends up. Overall bipolar disorder has the same effects in men, women, and children, but the frequency of each phase can be different.
Being bipolar has effects on other people also, not just the person with the disorder. Someone in mania may be violent with his or her family and friends and this can be a horrible situation. Studies have shown that fifty percent of bipolar patients have some sort of violence behavior (Psychiatric Times 1). These violent acts usually occur during the maniac phase due to the feeling of being able to do anything. Although that does not mean it only happens during that specific phase. Violence also occurs in mixed stages which is the transition from the manic phase to depression or vice versa.
Violence is an important effect in bipolar disorder that affects many physically, but bipolar people also have a tendency to ignore others. Some feel that arguments and other intense interactions is the most effective way of hurting someone but that is not the case. Ignoring others has a strong influence on them and can result in relationships falling apart. One may feel devalued if ignored and can affect one greatly. Not only does the one being ignored get hurt but the bipolar patient being ignorant also suffers the consequences....

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