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The symptoms of narcolepsy involving diagnosis and treatment on patients
Being able to stay awake is important. There are many tasks that a person will need to stay awake and be alert. For example, a surgeon will need to stay focused to not harm a patient during surgery. Being awake while driving is vital if one does not want to risk an injury or death. There are some people that may have trouble to stay awake. A sleep disorder that affects the function of sleep and ability to stay awake is called narcolepsy. People with this disorder can experience drowsiness that will result in sleep during the day. It can last from several seconds to minutes. Narcolepsy will affect a person’s schedule, ...view middle of the document...

This symptom can differ in duration and severity for people. The loss of muscle tone can be barely seen; no more than a momentary sense of slight weaknesses in some muscles, such as mild drooping of the eyelids. More serious attacks lead to a complete loss of voluntary muscle tone, resulting in physical collapse that will make one unable to keep their eyes open, not be able to talk, or not have the ability to move. Cataplexy is activated by strong emotions, for example, anger, fear, excitement, and humor. Laughter has been reported to be the most common cause. For instance, buckling of the knee or drooping of a person’s head may occur when one starts to laugh. Although a person can experience severe attacks, the person will still be fully conscious, an aspect of cataplexy that differs from seizure disorders.
Hallucinations are others symptoms of narcolepsy. It can be existent in up to 50 percent of patients with narcolepsy. Hallucinations occur while someone is failing asleep, during sleep, or waking. They can be known as hypnagogic hallucinations if occurring as one falls asleep or hypnopompic hallucinations if occurring upon waking. These hallucinations may include hearing, vision, touch, movement, or balance. Because a person may still be semi-awake when beginning to dream, the person will experience their dream as reality. The images are usually odd, vivid, or frightening for people who experience hallucinations. Because of these disturbing hallucinations, patients will become worried that they have or will a mental illness established.
With narcolepsy patients may have to go through sleep paralysis. This symptom causes people to not be able to move or speak occurring in sleep-to-wake or wake-to-sleep transitions. It is a temporary state, lasting from seconds to minutes. Sleep paralysis resembles the type of temporary paralysis that usually takes place during rapid eye movement sleep, also known as
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REM sleep, which is the period of sleep where most dreaming is present. The symptom can be unnoticed for people who experienced normal sleep due to occurring only when they fully asleep and entering the REM stage at the right time of the sleep cycle. People are still able to breathe during sleep paralysis, but some might feel a disturbing sensation of not being able to breathe at all. After sleep paralysis wears off, people are able to recover their ability to move and speak right away.
Patients that have narcolepsy could have other several disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, which is a condition where breathing starts and stops during the middle of the night. They can even have insomnia, an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired or restless leg syndrome, which is a disorder that affects the legs and causes a sensation to move them. Someone will narcolepsy may also act out...

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